SGA President Arielle Gedeon delegates votes with SGA Senate. - Former News Editor / Alexander Heller

The Student Government Association (SGA) met at Pfleeger Concert Hall on Veterans Day, a fitting place considering Dr. Pfleeger served as a medical-surgical technician in World War II before teaching at Rowan University for over 40 years (as SGA Vice President Jason Fisch pointed out).

President Arielle Gideon told senators that Dean of Students interviews are this week. The first was on Tuesday, but the last two will be in Pfleeger Hall from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. on Thursday and Friday. Gideon emphasized the importance of these interviews, considering the tremendous responsibility that comes with the position.

“Student Special Projects is an account we have high hopes for,” Chief Financial Officer Phiona Hughes said. “We aren’t seeing the amount of students come out for this account that we wanted to.”

Hughes went on to say that Student Special Projects (SSP) exists to benefit students not affiliated with SGA. Students not involved with chartered clubs have a chance to receive funding to bring their ideas to Rowan’s campus.

“So if you had a really cool project to bring to campus, you can apply for funding on the SGA PROFlink page,” Hughes said. “If you scroll to the bottom where it says forms, there’s a form called Student Special Project request.”

SSP is a good way for SGA to give back to Rowan students, considering the number of undergrads determines student government funding. However, as CFO Hughes points out, there’s not much participation.

Kevin McCarthy deliberating over a SGA Senate meeting with SGA President Arielle Gedeon (pictured standing on the left) in the background – News Editor / Alexander Heller

A new SGA Constitutional Amendment is set to be voted on. The Commissioner of Community Standards Santino D’Agostino gave the official first reading.

“It establishes an appeals process. For example, let’s say my commission makes decisions,” D’Agostino said. “As it stands now, that decision is final, and there’s no appeals process. It is an appeals process to give you a fair shot if you feel the decision was unfair.”

This amendment is not official yet, as the Senate will vote at their next meeting on Nov. 25. The new appeals process would apply to the Club Development Committee, Commission of Elections, SFCB, and the Commission of Community Standards.

This amendment would be a profound change, giving students more power when dealing with organizations that exist outside of the SGA. The appeal would be filed with the Commission of Community Standards. Community Standards would then give their investigative report to the Executive Board. If two-thirds of the board approves, the Senate would then vote to overturn the ruling (Senate would also need two-thirds approval).

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