Rowan Environmental Action League (REAL) hosted a beach sweep of Palmyra Cove Nature Park on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019. -Editor-in-Chief / Tara Lonsdorf
Freshman translational biomedical sciences major Abi Muccilli and junior civil engineering major Thomas DiPietro gather materials to begin cleaning trash from the beach. – Editor-in-Chief / Tara Lonsdorf
Rowan Environmental Action League members set out to begin clearing trash by the Tacony Palmyra Bridge on the Delaware River on Saturday, Nov. 2. – Editor-in-Chief / Tara Lonsdorf
Hypodermic needles were common on the beach, and had to be marked with flags by volunteers. Professionals picked them up later to be disposed of safely. – Editor-in-Chief / Tara Lonsdorf
Trash tends to accumulate in the areas where high tide has washed in debris. REAL members use trash pickers to grab this debris. – Editor-in-Chief / Tara Lonsdorf
Abi Muccilli picks up trash on the beach. – Editor-in-Chief / Tara Lonsdorf
Environmental studies major Gina Yaroli kept track of what kinds of trash were picked up, as data to be used for Clean Ocean Action. – Editor-in-Chief / Tara Lonsdorf
Junior civil and environmental engineering major Daniel Rubin and senior mechanical engineering major Giselle Onofre scan the shore for litter. – Editor-in-Chief / Tara Lonsdorf
Giselle Onofre poses with Klaudia Rzotkiewicz and Peya Yousuf of Rowan’s Culture in Green club, which promotes a environmentally-friendly vegan lifestyle. – Editor-in-Chief / Tara Lonsdorf
Junior civil and environmental engineering major and REAL Club President Ben Chan gets in the weeds to pull out tough-to-remove trash such as Styrofoam debris. – Editor-in-Chief / Tara Lonsdorf
Daniel Rubin is involved with REAL in order to learn how to create more environmentally-friendly solutions for civil engineering in the future. – Editor-in-Chief / Tara Lonsdorf
REAL club membership poses for a group photo in front of the Tacony Palmyra Bridge. – Editor-in-Chief / Tara Lonsdorf

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