Kung Fu Tea claims its place on Rowan Boulevard

Kung Fu Tea is the newest eatery on Rowan Boulevard. - Multimedia Editor / Dyone Payne

Bubble tea, bubble tea in a dish. How many bubble teas do you wish? Just like anything else American, why not put our own twist on it, right? Or how about we, ya know, bring the culture to America.

This half-ice, half-drink, sweet, mixed milk, tapioca-featured beverage has only been around for about 40 years, and it’s the newest drink trend there is. 

Kung Fu Tea is the newest addition to Rowan Boulevard’s melting pot of cultures here on campus. From someone who never has bubble tea before, my experience was unforgettable.

It was Monday around 3:25 and I was craving something sweet. So there I stood in front of Kung Fu Tea, watching people walk into the new stand on the block one by one. I observed the menu, scanning every item as if they were weapons and I had to choose my best fighter.

There were a variety of specialties to choose from. The drinks ranged from classics, to punch, to milk tea, to slush, and the list goes on and on. Then finally something stuck out to me. An Oreo Wow Milk, Milkstrike. Since you have no clue what that is, let me break it down: a milk strike is a lactose-free pick-me-up drink that you typically would drink in the morning. The ‘WOW’ part of it featured special flavors original, Oreo, Red Bean and Herbal Jelly. 

After about 20 minutes of standing in the cold, I had finally made my mind up. I waited as if I were looking for someone to hold my hand and walk me in. Next thing you know, there I was in line, waiting to get bubble tea. 

As the line got shorter, I got more anxious, more indecisive about what I wanted. There were so many choices, so many drink styles that could be chosen and yet, I had my mind set on the Oreo Wow Milk Milkstrike bubble tea. 

From there, I ordered my specialty drink like I promised myself. Then I waited, which felt like the longest time ever. After about three to five minutes, my order was ready. The half-black, half-white drink was cold at the top and hot at the bottom. How that came about is still a secret to me. 

Without hesitation, I took a touristy picture of my drink and waited outside to take the first sip. In the freezing cold, I began to sweat from anticipation of what the drink would taste like. I counted to three in my head and took my first sip. 

I was in shock, suprised and amazed at how different elements of flavors could taste so good. I must say I was impressed. The bubbles were chewy, while the oreos were warm with in-depth flavor. Trying new food trends might not be so bad after all. You only live once, so why not live trying new things?

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