"Far From Home" receive big appraisal for Rowan's movie night. / Forbes

Being both a freshman Rowan student, and a fan of movies, I am excited to have an excuse to get out to one of the movie nights hosted at the Rowan Ballroom.

Once I heard the movie being shown was Spiderman: Far From Home, a fairly recent and popular title, I figured that it would be a prime time to go and see what I have been missing.

And I can honestly say I wasn’t disappointed. 

I arrived about ten minutes before the film started to a small line at the ticket counter. Immediately, I was impressed with the level of professionalism on display.

Signs showcasing the film, greeters standing beside the doors, and a table with some pretty heavenly smelling popcorn ready for pickup were provided. The entrance gave an air that was irrevocably reminiscent of a true movie theater. And, once I got in, I was quick to discover that I had actually beaten the crowd. While there was still some seats open toward the back, many of the seats were already occupied by eager attendees. 

After a few minutes, one of the volunteers stepped up to greet the crowd and announce the first raffle prize winner, something each guest is automatically entered into upon arrival.

The lucky winner secured an entire pizza pie, and a center seat to enjoy the show from the best possible angle. 

With the fanfare out of the way, the show began. Despite the large size of the crowd, there were no disturbances, and everyone was able to enjoy the film together. Being part of the MCU, there was plenty of action scenes that earned some subtle “oohs” and “ahhs” paired with jokes that got a good laugh out of the crowd. 

One attendee Jaysen Rossilli said that despite not being much of a superhero movie fan, he found the movie to be a surprisingly fun watch. When asked about the experience as a whole, there was a brief mention of some discomfort in the seating, but he recounted feeling that it was an overall fun event. 

As the movie finally reached its conclusion there were many in the crowd who choose not to get up and leave. Those who remained were treated to two after credit sequences that managed to get a surprised reaction from the crowd. In addition, there was a second raffle after the film in which the winner obtained a cool Spiderman: Far From Home movie poster. 

Afterward, the theater cleared out and the doors opened to let out satisfied patrons while staff began cleaning up.

As a whole, I can’t help but recommend the experience. Being a movie lover myself, this is the closest any college student can come to the real deal without spending a dime. If the opportunity arises or something on the showing list catches your eye, be sure to head to the Rowan Ballroom for an experience you won’t regret.

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