Women’s cross country prepped for success and ready for NJACs

The starting line at the Inter-Regional Border Battle. Photo/ Rowan Athletics.

All season has been leading up to one moment: the postseason.

These athletes have trained and performed all year, getting themselves ready to show off on the big stage.

The big stage is here: NJAC championships.

Will Rowan’s women step up to the challenge? Coach Ringo Adamson has no doubts.

“I ask one thing of you,” Adamson said to the girls. “That thing in between your shoulders is [a] sponge, you go up and you just absorb knowledge in every way you can. Every day you come to practice you just absorb what I’m teaching, and you’ll be transcendent.” 

Early on he saw greatness in this bunch. All they needed to do was be willing to learn the right training and preparation for the season.

What he could not teach was that drive to be great. The first step to winning is mental, the team has to come with the correct attitude or else they will not succeed. They cannot win without a winning mentality or the desire to give it their all.

Through talking to Adamson all season, it is clear that the season has had the same constant of athletes coming in early for practice no matter the circumstances, eager to get better. When these things are combined, greatness is to come.

“This morning it’s pitch dark, a little mist of rain,” Adamson said. “Not one kid was missing, they all showed up for this last morning practice and preparation. What I saw taking place out here, I think this team are going to find themselves this weekend. I think some big things are going to happen.”

NJACs will be held on Nov. 2 at Stockton University.

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