Strasser: Week 4 NFL recap

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As Week 4 wrapped up with the conclusion of Monday Night Football, I was once again left wanting more football. This weekend provided us with some of the more intriguing games so far this season.

Starting off with the Eagles again, they geared up for Thursday Night Football in Green Bay in a tough matchup that had a lot of Eagles fans worried.

The Packers were 3-0 up to this point, and the Eagles standing at 1-2 looked like a lesser opponent. But as the game started, it felt like maybe this game would be the Eagles turn-around game.

After a quick start from the Packers and Aaron Rodgers, the Eagles finally got their run game going. Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders finally provided some spark when running the ball. Jordan Howard was the star of this game, leading all players with three total touchdowns, and leading the Eagles to a gutsy road win in Green Bay after losing two straight. The Eagles got a last second deflection interception to seal the game and send them home with a much needed win.

The score ended at 34-27 Eagles.

Another game that I mentioned to look out for in my column last week was  Browns at Ravens.

Most people figured the Ravens would find a way to win this game, because they were home and had looked really good for the majority of the season.

That was definitely not the case this Sunday, as Nick Chubb exploded for three touchdowns and 165 yards on the ground. Eighty-eight of those yards came from one play as the running back for Cleveland took the longest run play of the NFL season to the house.

The Browns and Baker Mayfield played well with a lead and got some help on defense as they took care of the Ravens in a key AFC North matchup.

The score ended at 40-25 Browns.

The most entertaining game to watch on Sunday was one I didn’t expect much from.

Even though the Lions were undefeated up until this game, I did not have much confidence in them moving forward. On Sunday, I think they surprised a lot of people.

I assumed, like most other people, that the Chiefs would easily beat the Lions by at least a touchdown or more. The Lions played their best game of the season so far as Lions’ running back Kerryon Johnson gained 125 yards on the ground and helped the offense get into the red zone.

Matthew Stafford had a few really nice touchdown throws and they were leading the Chiefs by a field goal with about two minutes left.

Patrick Mahomes, had been held in check the whole game and had yet to throw a touchdown pass, which is unheard of from him. Mahomes, of course, made the plays that needed to be made, and led his team down the field for a game winning touchdown run, and a narrow victory.

The Lions somehow lost a game where they held Patrick Mahomes to no touchdowns, and lost a good opportunity to really make a statement, as the Chiefs hold on and stay undefeated.

The score ended at 34-30 Chiefs.

And finally in the last noteworthy game of the weekend the 3-0 Cowboys faced off against the Saints in the Superdome in New Orleans. A lot of people were expecting Dallas to come in and get a crucial road win, because the Saints are without Drew Brees.

To say the least, this game was ugly, as there was a lack of touchdowns and a lot of punting and taking field goals. The Saints failed to score a touchdown but were somehow still leading in the 4th quarter.

After multiple defensive stops by the Cowboys defense, Dak Prescott had one final chance after receiving the ball with 1:30 and only down 12-10. Unfortunately, he was sacked on the first play and the rest of the drive was less than ideal, as the Cowboys lost a heartbreaker to fall to 3-1 on the season.

The score ended at 12-10 Saints.

Now in the NFC East the Giants are 2-2, The Eagles are 2-2, and the Cowboys are 3-1. It should be a fun race to watch.

Moving into some notable games for next week, the first one that caught my eye was Thursday Night Football which is Seahawks at home vs the Rams.

The Eagles should win fairly easily against a depleted Jets team. 

Ravens and Steelers could be a good game, since the Steelers are fresh off a big win at home, and the Ravens have lost two straight.

Packers vs. Cowboys should be another great game, and Browns vs. 49ers, who are still undefeated, at the moment face off on Monday Night.

Only the Chiefs, Patriots, and 49ers remain undefeated at this point in the season.

I bounced back this week and won in both my fantasy leagues, which made this week a whole lot better. Week 4 was awesome as always, and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier for football to be back.

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