LAS VEGAS, NV - JULY 27: during the Adidas BOOST Basketball Launch inside the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas on July 27, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for adidas)

Just like what Max Kellerman says on ESPN’s “First Take,” the MVP award should also include what you do in the playoffs.

That’s how I’m going to judge it too.

My MVP for this season (including the playoffs) is … Damian Lillard.

That’s right! I’m rolling with Dame Time for MVP this season.

This guy has been under appreciated most of his career. He was snubbed multiple times as an all-star and he’s not brought up enough when it comes to the top players in the league.

He’s coming off a season where he averaged around 27 points and seven assists.

He and the Portland Trail Blazers had a deep playoff run reaching the Western Conference Finals and he hit one of the most clutch shots I have ever witnessed to basically end the Oklahoma City Thunder as we know them (their franchise corner stone along with their other All-Star would leave the team after the series).

Sometimes he can struggle like we saw in the Golden State series last year, but this man is the truth.

The motivation is there for him. With all the big moves this offseason, the Blazers haven’t really been the topic of discussion as far as winning a title.

Knowing Lillard, he’s not going to take that lightly. From balling out of control on the court to trying to make a diss track about Shaq, this guy is all about making his presence felt.

He’s been through his ups and downs now, and just think, this season he’s going to be insane!

Now, I’m not sure if he can lead Portland to the finals, but he will definitely not fold under pressure in the playoffs.

After all he’s been through in his NBA career, the doubts, the growing pains, even some disrespect with people questioning his game, I think this season it’s time for him to get the respect that he deserves as one of the best players in the world, and winning the MVP this season will be the start of that.


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