Molly Gorczyca: Vibrant. Fighter. Persistent. Unstoppable.

Molly Gorczyca (left) with last year's field hockey team after a win over TCNJ. Photo / Multimedia Editor Dyone Payne

Vibrant. Fighter. Persistent. Unstoppable.

Those are the exact words teammates Morgan Novak, Casey Wagner, Krystyna Hovell and Head Coach Michelle Andre recalled describing Molly Gorczyca. 

And although those words express Gorczyca’s character, it is a small portion to entirely describe her as a person. Her joy, energy and selflessness create a presence that undoubtedly brings positivity to her teammates, friends and loved ones.  

“Her energy is just so contagious. If someone is having a bad day, and if you happen to see Molly smiling, you would automatically be in a better mood,” Hovell said.

Obviously, Hovell wasn’t alone.

“She is a great person, teammate and friend,” Novak said. “Best person to have by your side at all times.”  

Molly Gorczyca, a sophomore transfer from Monmouth University, was a member of the Rowan Field Hockey team. After a promising 2018 and becoming a pivotal player in their undefeated regular season, the Hackettstown native contributed 21 points, eight goals, and five assists.

However, Gorczyca encountered a setback when she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and was unable to return for her junior season. 

But her willingness to fight this battle and her desire to come back to continue to represent the exceptional Rowan Field Hockey program is what makes her unique.

“In her life right now, losing is not an option,” Andre said. “And for us as a team, we are inspired by her fight all the time. One more extra sprint, one more minute of a game, we leave it all on the field and we do it all for her.”  

Beyond the challenging and difficult experiences Gorczyca has to endure, the team exceedingly admires her resiliency and determination to prevail in this fight.   

“We are ready and excited to play for Molly,” Wagner said. “She is such an inspiration to us. We play for her, and when we win, we win for her. Losing is not an option.”

Gorczyca not only excelled on the field but also off it. She prioritized her education as much as her commitment to the sport, which secured her selection on the National Field Hockey Coaches National Academic Squad and receiving a New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) All-Academic honorable mention.  

“She is very determined and a competitor,” Andre said. “She always puts her best forward to excel in her friendships, academics and on the field.” 

On Wednesday night at Wackar Stadium, the Rowan Field Hockey program will dedicate their game against Stockton University to Gorczyca and recognize the event as “Molly’s Detour”, which will raise awareness towards AML leukemia and most importantly, provide donations for her family’s costly expenses. 

The importance of Molly’s Detour Night reaches a larger extent. The event will demonstrate the unity between the school and local communities. 

“Molly’s family is very thankful for the community,” Andre said. “Rowan is a special place. Our hockey team, our alumni are very close together, so (the importance of this event) is translating over into the hockey program, the local hockey community, and the Rowan community.” 

The field hockey team and Rowan University encourages students and the entire community to come out and support Molly Gorczyca and her family by wearing orange t-shirts. Orange wristbands will also be available for a donation. 

Wednesday’s event will certainly serve as extra motivation for the Profs. As the program’s phrase says, “If we win, Molly wins. If Molly wins, we win.”

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