Elijah Rehm carries the ball during the homecoming game against Kean University. Photo / Editor in Chief Miguel Martinez

The score of the Profs first win of the season was out of this world just like the homecoming theme.

The Rowan football Profs got their first win this past Saturday against the Kean Cougars on a beautiful homecoming afternoon.

Mike Husni lead his offense to an offensive explosion putting up 52 points on the Cougars dreadful defensive.

Rowan had a total of 432 yards on offense on Saturday in their first win of the season. Husni threw for 205 yards with one touchdown and one rushing touchdown in a solid performance under center. Elijah Rehm had a great day receiving with 13 receptions for 68 yards and two touchdowns. 

The game was never close with the hot start by Rowan going up 28-0 to start the game. The offense was finally clicking and moving the ball down the field.

“Everything was clicking,” Husni said. “Defense was getting turnovers so we were building off their momentum and they were building off ours. It was an overall great game.”

Husni seemed comfortable in the pocket in Saturday’s game. The Brown and Gold are now five games into the season and you can see the difference from week one to week five where he’s throwing the ball more and now just tucking and running. 

“We are getting more comfortable with what (Husni) likes to do and what he has a strength in doing,” said head coach Jay Accorsi. “He’s getting more comfortable with the players around him and understanding what we’re asking him to do and he’s getting more comfortable with us in what he can and can’t do.”

It all starts with the quarterback and with Husni playing better it makes everyone around him better too. 

The defense had its best week only giving up seven points. Junior defensive linemen Sunny Tapp got the New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) defensive player of the week award, with four tackles and two sacks. He also recovered a fumble and returned it for 60 yards in the third quarter. The profs defense recorded five sacks on Saturday and had an interception.

“This week dropping 52 and knowing what our offense can do every week in and out was important,” Husni said. “I think there’s a good chance you see more of that the rest of the season.” 

This Saturday the Profs will head back on the road to face the first place Salisbury Seagulls. This will be a big game for the Rowan defense as the Seagulls average about 40 points per game.

Rowan has been in every game this season so will the offense have to have another game like they did last week or will the defense step up and shut down Salisbury triple option offense? 

“We have to prepare the same way we do every week,” Accorsi said. “We’ll have a good week of practice, a lot of periods of good against good, high tempo and just continue to practice at a really high level that translates to the field on game day.”

The Profs need to play mistake free football on Saturday to stay in the race for the NJAC championship. This team is confident they can come out strong this weekend and put on a performance they did against Kean.

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