The ball soars through the uprights when Rowan played Widener at Wackar Stadium. Photo / Christian A Browne.

The Profs came so close to getting their first win of the season last Saturday, but lost to Wesley College 21-20.

They were down 21-7 early in the third quarter and didn’t have enough to come back and win the game. 

As the Profs move to 0-4 (0-1) on the season, the same mistakes keep costing them games. One of the biggest problems for Rowan offense is not finishing in the red zone.

“We were down in the red zone a couple times where we have to come out with points and we came out with nothing,” senior wideout Nick Grosso said. “To win football games you can’t do that. We can’t give up points during anytime of the game.” 

That was the story of the game Saturday when Rowan gave up two opportunities to score in the red zone which would have led to points, once at the end of the second half and again in the fourth quarter. A missed extra point and a missed field goal could have also won them the game. 

The Profs biggest opportunity to get in the end zone came at the end of the first half when they were on Wesley’s one yard line but they couldn’t get the job done. 

“It was a rush situation at the end of the half,” Head Coach Jay Accorsi said. “We were only inside the five twice and we came away with no points unfortunately. We could’ve kicked the field goal and I look at it now and that’s bad call by me.” 

The great Bill Parcells once said “you are what your record says you are.” But is that true with the Rowan football team? They’ve come close to victory with every game and this is arguably one of the most talented teams in the last few years. 

“The way I look at it, there’s no team that we should have lost to,” Grosso said. “We beat ourselves in most cases. Whether it was penalties or mistakes we made, we could have won all four. I’ll pick us to win over any team we played so far and for weeks to come.”

This upcoming weekend is huge for the Profs as it is Homecoming weekend at Rowan University.  This will be the first time the Profs are home since week two of the season. They will take on the Kean Cougars (2-2)(1-0). 

This is a must win game for the Profs with zero wins on the season. Every game going forward is a must win if they still want a chance at the NJAC title. 

“The next game is very important,” senior linebacker Anthony LaRosa said. “We’re going after this week just like every other week. If we keep practicing hard, believing in each other and playing as a unit, the title is still in reach.”     

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