- Image courtesy of Pixabay

With the month of October among us and Halloween creeping up, a certain sort of candy emerges from the depths of the earth and ends up on store shelves.

This tricolored candy is orange, yellow and white and is shaped like a dried corn kernel.

Yup! Candy corn. 

Candy corn was one of the most popular Halloween candies when I was younger, but now as everyone in my generation has gotten older it’s slowly turning into one of our least favorite candies. This has caused great controversy on social media platforms leaving many to debate their love or hate for it.

As a kid I remember I could sit and eat candy corn for days, but now the thought of laying in bed and eating this creamy marshmallowy caramel and vanilla treat leaves me sickened.

Safe to say I am one of the many who are not a big fan of candy corn anymore. The smell alone leaves me nauseated. 

Scrolling and seeing all the conversations about it on my timeline makes me wonder how I ever ate it in the first place. I feel as though as kids we eat whatever candy we can get our hands on because, well, it’s candy. It’s sugary and it’s the best way to get on our parents nerves when the rush hits.

But knowing now that people are actually out there enjoying it, consuming it and purchasing it is mind-blowing. This world and future generations to come deserve more than candy corn. 

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