Prism’s Sex Toy Bingo brings waves of pleasure to Profs

Members of Prism display sex toys available to win at Sex Toy Bingo. This was the fifth year Prism hosted its Sex Toy Bingo event. - Staff Writer / Kristin Guglietti

Over 700 people lined up outside Pfleeger Hall Friday, Oct. 25 before 7 p.m. to participate in Sex Toy Bingo, all hoping to win the biggest prize of the night: a stripper pole. This year’s theme was trick or freak,” according to a Twitter post by the host organization, Prism.

The crowd chanted “butt plug” while one bingo winner took her time picking a prize.

This is Prism’s fifth year hosting Sex Toy Bingo. Prism is one of the LGBTQ+ organizations on campus whose goal is to support the LGBTQ+ community and educate people. All the money from bingo will go to the Trevor Project, a non-profit organization focused on LGBTQ+ youth suicide prevention.

According to Abby Aretz, a senior political science major and president of Prism, Prism spends about $5,000 to put together the event.

“We spent SGA money on sex toys,” said Aretz.

Fantasy Gifts, one of the sponsors, gave out 350 goody bags containing a lanyard, five lube samples and a condom; 400 safe sex kits containing a condom and anal lube; as well as 500 clitoral stimulating gels. 

Kathy Randazzo, Fantasy Gift’s store manager, said they get lots of donations from manufacturers such as Wicked, Wet, Evolved and Blush Novelties. The adult store located in Marlton and Turnersville donated the 30 prize baskets.

The event also held a 50/50 cash raffle, where half the money went to the Trevor Project and the other half went to the person with the winning ticket. For a $2 donation, people could even get an extra board.

There were four other raffles, with the biggest prize being a stripper pole and another prize with a retail value of $200 containing a dildo, flavored lube, a vibrator and more.

Before the bingo games started, the president and vice president of Prism gave a speech about consent. 

Some of the games included a moaning competition, a race to put on a condom on a cucumber and a lap dance competition. Occasionally, the e-board members of Prism would ask the audience their favorite sex position or their favorite type of porn to spice things up.

Dylan Snyder, a freshman chemical engineering major, and Mary Sojka, a senior mechanical engineering major, are two friends who happened to win tonight while sitting next to each other. 

Sojka is also the president of Queer People of Color, whose members volunteered to help with the event. She likes to come out and show support for LGBTQ+ events.

“I almost didn’t want to come because I got my flu shot [today]. We both got our flu shot at the same time — in here, before the event started,” said Sojka, who received her flu shot with Snyder before the event.

Sojka and Snyder were both surprised that they won.

“Instead of using these, we’re going to be doing engineering homework and some more video games,” said Sojka.

For Elexus Hamilton, a freshman electrical and computer engineering major, it was her first bingo game ever. She made it to the final four in the lap dance competition by dancing to Rihanna’s “Sex with Me.” Another girl gave a lap dance to the blow-up doll to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda.”

“We’re all having sex. It happens. How often can you get 700 students to talk about sex, consent, condoms… We’re going to celebrate it and make it a fun event,” said Prism president Abby Aretz.

Prism meets Wednesday 7-9 p.m. at James 3117. You can follow them on Instagram @rowan_prism and Twitter @prismatrowan.

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