How to look cute during those 8 a.m. classes by channeling Marie Kondo

Looking good for morning classes isn't something you have to stress about. By following a few simple tips, you can get enough sleep AND look cute. - Photo courtesy of

You walk into class tired, pajama-clad and holding the coffee that made you late. You scan the room for an empty seat because someone stole your unassigned assigned seat. As you look around the room for an empty chair you see “that” girl. She’s the type of person who would wear heels to class during high school. The same girl who looks like she just walked off the set of “Pretty Little Liars.” The girl who looks like a goddess while preserving her “I’m not trying” look.

As you finally find a seat, you wonder … how someone could possibly choose fashion over comfort during a morning class? As you half-listen to your professor, you realize that you envy this girl’s tenacity. You want to be just like her. But how can you be like her when sleep is so much more important? 

The thing is that you don’t have to sacrifice sleep for fashion. Some people make the noble choice to spend hours in the morning getting ready. However, most of the population is completely unable to. Despite this commonality, I firmly believe that if you want to feel good in what you’re wearing, you don’t have to suffer for it. 

I personally have a list of tried and true outfits that I know that I look and feel good in. Marie Kondo’s “Tidying Up” has changed my life, because I only have clothes that I love because of her. Her method is to hold an item and ask if it “sparks joy” for you. If it does, you keep it, and if it doesn’t, you thank it and donate or throw it away. Ironically, donating clothing helps me in the mornings because I know that I can make an outfit out of everything in my closet. 

I like to plan my outfits the night before. I take some time considering what the weather is like and how much I have to do during that day. I try to be honest with myself in the choices that I make. Do I really want to wear a dress during an exam period? How much confidence in my look do I need for a presentation? If I make the wrong choice, I find myself frustrated with my choice of clothing for the rest of the day. 

My personal favorite tip is wearing leggings or a tight pair of jeans so I can stay comfortable and fashionable. I love the fact that a tight pair of pants feels like I’m in my pajamas, but looks like I put some effort into my appearance.

For the top, I try to do layers in the winter time or make a statement with a top. I try to wear a cute cardigan and a cute top that fits my curves just right. It’s important to make a statement with a shirt because that’s what makes an outfit. Tying a shirt, wrapping a flannel around your waist or cropping a T-shirt is an easy way to go from drab to fab in seconds. 

Once I’m dressed, I tackle my hair. During the summer I ransacked Pinterest and YouTube to try to find the easiest on-the-go hairstyles. I chose about five and practiced them so I could put my hair up in seconds. Whenever I’m in a rush in the morning, I know that I can count on my easy updos in order to look cute and save time in the morning. My personal favorites are space buns, a classic half-up half-down, the pineapple, a Fran Drescher-esque high up-do, a braided half-do and, of course, wearing my hair down. 

Makeup in the morning doesn’t take me very long. If I have extra time, I try to put on eyeliner and a bold lipstick. However, for early classes I don’t bother. Depending on my mood I put on a glittery lip gloss or a moisturizing nude lipstick. For some reason, lipstick doesn’t stay on my lips for too long so I always carry what I applied in my bag. I put a little bit of mascara on my eyelashes that makes my eyes look bigger, but still natural. Then I swipe a little bit of eyebrow gel (because let’s be honest, eyebrows really do make a face) and I’m done with my look before I know it.

I never put much time into picking out my shoes because I don’t have too many. I have a pair of black-and-brown boots and a pair of gray-and-black Converse for everyday wear. Although it might seem simple, I like that I can choose boots with a comfortable heel or a pair of Converse to top off my look.

Before I leave the house, I try to look at myself in the mirror. Weirdly enough, Marie Kondo sneaked into my fashion choices and I find myself asking, “Does this outfit spark joy?” If there’s a split second that I don’t feel happy in this outfit, I immediately change until I find my bliss. If I don’t, I’m on my way. Again, it doesn’t matter if clothes are fashionable or if they made me happy last week. If I don’t feel my best today, I won’t walk outside. 

And that’s it. I love that it only takes me an hour to get ready (shower included!) because I have my style mojo on fleek. Dressing in a comfortable style is the easiest way to look your best throughout the day. And the next time that you’re late for class, people won’t wonder who you are but think about how put together you are.

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