Battleship event brings students together to compete in homecoming as teams


Student organizations at Rowan University participated in a homecoming event known as the Battleship competition on Wednesday, Oct. 9. 

During the week of homecoming, students are encouraged to get involved with special events around campus. This year’s homecoming theme was “Out of This World.”

At the Battleship event, contestants were gearing up for their workout in the pool.

Participants were tasked with staying afloat within their sinking and wobbling canoe in the Esbjornson Gymnasium pool. 

About six teams got in the water at a time and each was given a slew of weapons to use against their opponents, such as an oar to steer, buckets to toss water into other surrounding boats, water guns to propel water into other boats and a board to deflect any incoming water. It was up to the teams to delegate who used which tool. The last boat to stay afloat would advance into the next round and so on to eventually become the winner.

Some organizations participating in the event included clubs like Outdoors Club, team Fitness Center, the swim team, Rowan SCCA and Greek life.

Tracy Sherr, 21, of Theta Phi Alpha looked extremely nervous to get started as she fastened her team’s blue bandana around her head.

Sherr explained that she was so nervous to get into the boat because she did not know how to swim, but was excited about the theme of this year’s week-long homecoming adventure. 

“It’s all about space and aliens, stuff like that,” Sherr said. “I think it’s really cute. There are a lot of different things you can do with it with all of the different teams.”

Sherr is a senior at Rowan University, so she is a veteran at participating in homecoming events, which is something she looks forward to every year, especially since this year will be her last.

“There are a lot of events everyday and different teams participate,” Sherr said. “At the end, there is a big football game and the winner is announced at halftime.”

Although Sherr was nervous to get in the pool, she was eager to not let her team down. Theta Phi Alpha teamed up with the Tau Delta Phi fraternity for this year’s homecoming, Sherr said. 

“My friends forced me to do it,” Sherr said with a laugh. “But I am really excited to do it. I think it is the best activity all week.”

Sherr’s team, Tau Delta/Theta Phi, made it to the semi-finals.

In the vast crowd on the bleachers peering out onto the pool, many students came out to support their friends participating in the event, like students Matt Reed and Jacob Carter. 

Both Reed and Carter were fans of the homecoming theme. 

“I like it,” Reed said about the theme, which he admitted drew him into the event. “I’ve always liked space.”

Carter shared that he was supporting a group that was participating in the event, while Reed was attending to show support for his friends.

“I’m supporting my B.L.A.S.T. group,” Carter said. “We signed up.”

“A couple of my good friends are out here doing it,” Reed said.

The support for each other was an additional common theme during this homecoming event. The sheer amount of students in the stands cheering on their respective teams showed what Rowan homecoming is all about. Even though the true theme was something extraterrestrial, everyone came together here at Rowan University, nowhere close to outer space. 

At the end of the night, after 23 teams completed splashing in the 74 degree pool water, Rowan Club Swimming Team took home the gold at Rowan University’s Battleship competition.

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