Holly Pointe Commons is one of the places you can go to get food on campus. However, if you don't want to leave your room, there are a few simple things you can make with minimal clean-up. - File photo / Amanda Palma

Cooking is a double-edged sword for me.

On one hand, you have the chance to make the food that you want to eat as well as not having to leave your house/room if you don’t want to. On the other hand, when you cook you create more work for yourself by having to clean pots, pans and other cookware.

This is a list of four things that will meet you in the middle, options that are both tasty and not too big of a hassle to clean up or prepare. Whether you’re a first year student who dorms here and are equipped with just a mini fridge and microwave, or a senior who has a full kitchen but doesn’t want to have a sink full of dishes, this list can aid you in the war against not wanting to clean after meals. 

1. Ramen Noodles

A true staple of the college freshman diet. Ramen noodles are a prime culprit when it comes the “freshman 15,” but they are almost addictive because of how tasty they are and how little they cost. If that’s not enough to lure you in, perhaps the easy preparation will. Ramen noodles are very easy to make as well as dispose of, that along with the previous points makes them a perfect fit for this list.  

2. Yogurt with Fruit

I personally love yogurt with fruit because not only is it super easy to make, but you are able to make it your own with the fruit you choose. Blueberries, strawberries and — my personal favorite — raspberries, are all viable options in this protein packed option. The best part of this is the simplicity it takes to prepare or dispose of it. If you’re someone who eats out of paper bowls, just throw it out. And if you have glass bowls, just make sure to rinse the bowl and spoon. 

3. Uncrustables

This is an option that has aged well. From childhood to college room, this choice is no doubt a great option for those who love peanut butter and jelly. Yes, peanut butter jelly sandwiches that you make yourself are certainly acceptable and could be on this list. However, this rendition of the classic sandwich makes the list because it comes already made and you have the option to heat it or just enjoy it fresh from the refrigerator. 

4. Quesadillas

Similar to yogurt, this is a great option because you get to take control over what goes in your quesadilla. While this isn’t the healthiest option, it does compensate by having more potential with the option of adding meat and condiments such as barbecue sauce. 

These aren’t options you’d want to consume on a regular basis. However, if you need easy, quick meals that can be prepared in an instant and are easy to clean up, all of these options are definitely viable.

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