Women’s cross country is “on a new level” early in the season


When starting a new season, sometimes a big concern is being “rusty”; basically, how long it will take for the athletes to become acclimated and reach their peak performance.

The answer is “not long” for the Rowan women’s cross country team, who have hit the ground running. Pun intended.

Rowan made a big splash in their first meet of the season, taking all six top spots against Stockton, ultimately winning the meet 15-45.

“On track (to start the season)?….We’re on a new level,” Coach Derick “Ringo” Adamson said on his teams early success.

They would then take second at the Philadelphia Metro Championships, with Alyssa Sanders taking first in the 5k course, as she did against Stockton. 

When asked about her tremendous start to the season, the junior attributed her success to work done in the offseason.

“It’s about just doing the summer training,” Sanders said. “If you don’t do the summer training then you’re going to come back out of shape. You gotta put in the time over the summer.”

That desire and personal drive in these athletes is something that has caught Adamson’s eye early in the season.

“You have a bunch of girls here who are very very enthused,” Adamson said. “They really want to be good, and if you want that intention, it’s really good to work with.”

He particularly highlighted how well the freshmen got along and are excited for the season, which is a huge part in making the adjustment from high school to the collegiate level.

“There are a lot of freshman,” Adamson said. “First and foremost they better learn to get along with each other, that’s the only way it’s going to work. And I think they do… they spend that quality time around each other that gels a team together. We have that foundation and are just going to continue to build build build!”

The Brown and Gold will continue to build build build on Saturday, Sept. 21 at the Bill Fritz Invitational at the Gloucester County Dream Park in Logan Twp, NJ.

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