With two weeks off in between races, one can only ask what a team does for 14 days with no competition.

For Rowan University’s men’s cross country team, it has been all business.

Senior and captain Dylan Tyrrell says the team has been putting in hard work every single day.

“We’ve been strengthening everything up, crossing the t’s, dotting the i’s,” Tyrrell said. “We are trying to get everything good and ready to go for later on in the season.” 

The captain also made it clear that the latter half of the season is what really matters for this team. 

“It’s not more important that we run well in September,” Tyrrell said. “It is more early October, early November, when we hit [New Jersey Athletic Conference] NJAC’s, regionals or nationals.”

One would think that a hot team would start to fall off after two weeks of not racing, but that is not the case according to head coach Dustin Dimit.

“Two weeks off is not killing the momentum at all,” Dimit said. “We’ve been having really high volume practices, and we keep on picking up the pace.”

The Profs are poised to keep on making noise this season. They’ve got their sights on the Bill Fritz Invitational, set for Sept. 21 at the DREAM Park in Logan Township, NJ.

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