Reina: Soccer should be easier to play on campus

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By no means is soccer at Rowan “bad.”

Rowan has a solid school team, a great club team and an intramural league that welcomes players of all skill levels.

However, it’s too hard to play soccer without being a member of those groups previously mentioned. If the hours the Rec Center allows you to play soccer don’t interfere with your classes, they’ll probably affect many others’, if not everyone else’s, schedules. You’ll likely be left practicing juggling by yourself or with a small group.

Another thing that irks me about the casual soccer scene is how its availability is dwarfed by the accessibility of basketball. In the gym and the basketball court next to Willow Hall alone, there are at least six places to play basketball, all of which are open all day. The same can’t be said for soccer, as there’s only two consistent places to play: the intramural field and one section of the basketball courts during certain times.

At the end of the day, both simply require one or two nets and some drawn lines. I don’t understand why the most popular sport in the world is so hard to play on a college campus.

Fixing this problem is simple: all that needs to be done is just extend the hours of time for students to play soccer and promote the change so that everyone is aware. I think that such a small change would do a lot for Rowan students and the soccer community. 

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