Letter to the Editor: Community thoughts on the trajectory of election politics

-Stock photo of Donald Trump courtesy of Creative Commons

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To The Editor:

It is my expectation that President Trump is going to do all of us a big favor and decide some time in early-to-mid 2020 not to run for re-election partly because of an economic slow-down.  When that happens, I hope that the Republicans will nominate someone of good character such as Nikki Haley or Carly Fiorina.

Personally, I don’t know what I find to be more despicable about the guy -the way that he makes fun of and insults people’s physical appearance, or the way that he views women as sex-objects.


Stewart B. Epstein

P.S. By way of background, I am a retired college professor of sociology, social work and psychology who still enjoys informing, teaching and educating others, when I believe that I have something to offer to them. That’s why I write these letters. I taught at West Virginia University and Slippery Rock University.

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