SUP holds Undies Run to collect donations for Goodwill


Friday evening, Student University Programmers hosted a one-mile fun run called the Undies Run to help support Goodwill.

Each year, SUP holds a run to donate to various charities. The themes change regularly and, in some way, correspond to the charity being supported.

Last year, the theme was The Great Board Game Run, which was part of ROFL Weekend, and proceeds were given to Toys for Tots. The two years prior featured color runs, which were part of Color Me Rowan Weekend. The color run proceeds were donated to Rise, a group assisting poverty-stricken families in New Jersey.

The turnout for the event was low, but that didn’t mean that the goal wasn’t reached.

Joe Frascella, a junior communication studies major and SUP’s Director of Charitable events, said, “It may not be reflected in the numbers, but I do think this event was a success, because while we only had five people run the race, those five people enjoyed their time and we still raised some donations for Goodwill, and that’s what matters.”

The Undies Run itself featured four stations, which included a clothing toss, a Captain Underpants station, an “I see London, I see France” singalong station and a Salute the Underpants Flag station.

At each station, participants could take off clothes to donate. Some people prepared for this by wearing several layers of clothing they wanted to give away. Whether the runners wore layers or not, the event maintained a comfortable environment for all participants.

“I’d say SUP and the whole university did a good job of making this a comfortable event for people who really wanted to have fun supporting a cause, but also the people who did it were such good sports about it. It was really fun just watching people participate,” said Gabriella Longenbach, a graduate student who participated in the run.

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