The Puddin Palace offers specialty puddings in the South Jersey area

The Puddin Palace was founded by Miranda Jordan and Lagracia Givins. - Photo courtesy of Jordan and Givins

When you hear the words “pudding” and “palace” in the same sentence, what do you think? Do you think of a restaurant that serves only pudding? Or how about a palace made of pudding?

Meet Miranda Jordan and her partner in crime, Lagracia Givins. This mother and daughter-in-law duo owns The Puddin Palace. I spoke with them at the Blue B-Que hosted by Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. last weekend.

Not only was Jordan excited to be at the event, but she was also extremely passionate about the amazing business she started from her own home.

“Someone had suggested that we make puddings to make extra money on the side,” said Jordan.

That was back in October 2018. The following November, they created an Instagram account (@thepuddinpalace). Now it’s September of 2019 and they have reached 3,700 followers. It’s been almost a year since they started their business, and now they’re thriving in the South Jersey-Philadelphia area.

“We also just bought our first truck and we deliver two days a week, both Saturdays and Sundays,” Jordan said. “We are taking off slowly, but surely.”

“We make nine specialty puddings, from your classic banana pudding to your strawberry shortcake,” she said, all of which are made from scratch.

The Puddin Palace is also having their first Shop Rite launch in West Philadelphia to promote its company. Not only do they take pride in their work, but I promise you won’t be disappointed! A homemade dessert is hard to come by when you’re far away from home.

They currently have three locations: the Burger Bar and Island Dream Cuisine in Camden, and Sicklerville Soul in Sicklerville. 

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