Rowan students celebrate the 2019 Hollybash with Rowan's Prof. - News Editor/Alexander Heller

The heavy rain and strong winds didn’t deter Rowan students from enjoying the yearly festivities of Hollybash. The on and off weather phenomenon may have been a nuisance for most of the afternoon, but students came for a good time nonetheless.

The last minute move to the student center still saw large crowds, as many students were eager to participate in the events. Among the most popular events were henna tattoos, psychic readings and face characters.

Junior computer science major, Zach Rosfjord, was at Hollybash last year and soon found himself back celebrating the event.  

“I was at Hollybash last year, and what really brought me back were the food trucks,” Rossfierd said. “Hollybash was pretty solid last year and with the break in weather, it seems pretty solid this year too.”

Some students were a bit disappointed about the last minute move to the Chamberlain Student Center, but many were just as excited about the event as they were last year.

Sophomore athletics training major, Maeve McFadden, thought Hollybash was enjoyable as many of her classmates gathered at the student center.

“It’s a lot of fun,” McFadden said. “It was definitely bigger last year, but everything was still here. So in a way, it’s still just as fun as last year.”

Nevertheless, students seemed happy to take a break from worrying about projects and papers, and just come together for a relaxing, food filled day.

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