The new Wilson Hall courtyard. - Staff Writer / Lindsey D'Ambrosio

On Tuesday, April 30, students, faculty and members of the Glassboro community gathered outside of Wilson Hall to celebrate the finished courtyard renovations. There was food and beverages, and speeches were given by Chairman of the Department of Music, Dr. Robert Rawlins, President Houshmand and the Vice President of Facilities and Operations, Joseph A. Campbell.

The renovations were completed by The Facilities, Planning, and Operations team. The team is resolved to help give an inviting, appealing, feasible and safe condition for its students, personnel, staff and visitors.

They take charge of key arranging and grounds configuration, just as structure plan and development, grounds tasks and upkeep, moderating vitality and keeping up an effort to help Rowan’s main goal and be of use to the Glassboro community.

Music plays as speaks begin to commerate Wilson Hall’s new courtyard – Staff Writer/Lindsey D’Ambrosio

“This was the ugliest place on campus, and look at it now! And it’s all because of the creative imagination of our staff especially in the facilities. We have created a beautiful place, where you not only see this magnificent facility but we can now have performances outside,” said President Houshmand.

Also to speak, VP Joseph Campbell said that the project was truly transformational.

“Its appropriate that just a few weeks ago we were here talking about the campaign Rowan On the Rise because this space, and this area and the transformation really symbolizes Rowan On the Rise and what we are and what we could be.” Campbell said.

The opening held several performances, including one from the wind ensemble, which performed Fanfare For The Common Man, and the choir which performed two reprises from H.A.I.R, “Aquarius” and “Let The Sunshine In.”

Darby Pumphrey, senior theatre major on a musical theatre track, is ecstatic about the new courtyard. “It’s so beautiful and I’m actually jealous of everyone who gets to be here for the rest of the time and get to perform on it.” Pumphrey has been in nine performances on campus in her four years at Rowan University.

“I think it’s absolutely genius. We didn’t have a lot of space to perform before this, but just having one more that is so beautiful and renovated I’m so grateful to have.” Pumphrey hopes to come back and visit after graduation.

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