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Laziness is underrated and gets a bad reputation. All through life, we hear that we can’t lay around and do nothing, that we have to get up from the sofa and grab the controller instead of asking someone to get it for us.

Has anyone ever told you that you have to clean up your dishes and do your own laundry? Has that same ‘anyone’ told you that if you work hard enough you can pay people to do those things for you? Who wants to work that hard? How dare this anyone.

But seriously, laziness is good for you.

There are hundreds of studies about how good physical activity is for health, but according to my study, it’s healthier to sit back and do nothing. Why go through the stress of exercising when I can lay on my sofa, wrap myself in a thick blanket and binge-watch episodes of television shows I used to watch when I was young? Have you ever done that? And, side note, isn’t it depressing when you realize the jokes you thought were funny before aren’t anymore and you question yourself like, did you really once think that was funny…like, really?

I have a point to make about the controller issue: It’s perfectly fine to ask someone to get it for you, even if you’re a few inches within arms-reach. I mean, come on, it took a long time to find that comfy spot on the sofa, and then if you have to move it becomes a whole ordeal. If you grab the controller and come back, the spot isn’t the same and it’s even harder to find that perfect position again.

Why go through that drama when a relative or friend is in the same room or walking by, or in another part of the house, or in another house, and you can just text them and be like, “Can you grab the controller for me?”

Then they’d text back like, “It’s right in front of you,” and you can just be like, “Do what I say!”

It only took a few taps on the phone. Who needs useless movement?

Even better, when I’m immovable on the couch, what better way to eat my snack than with no hands? It’s simple! Fill a plate with a ridiculous amount of cheese puffs, place the cheese-puffed-plate under your chin and let them find their way to your mouth. I’ve seen this on Google, so if you need a visual, I suggest searching there. Not only is there zero need to move, but you’re resting your arms and shoulders from the ghastly motion of pressing buttons or tapping on phone screens, and, let’s be honest, we need to save our energy for those rare movements.

So far, we’ve covered tons of information, and I’m already getting exhausted, so I’ll just end with this: Be lazy! Kick off your shoes and relax your feet. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’ll amount to nothing…it’s your day off, after all.

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