Rowan University's Fitness Center located on Victoria St. -Features Editor/Sydney Kerelo

When it comes to gym options on Rowan’s campus, students have two options: the Rec Center or the Fitness Center. But the main question is, which one is better?

Whether its location or other factors, Rowan University students have weighed their options on which gym they prefer.

One key factor in a student’s decision is the equipment both locations have to offer. The Rec Center offers a gym, but also a plethora of other things, such as basketball courts, an indoor track, racquetball courts and more.

The Fitness Center is more suited for strictly working out. The Victoria Street location offers more benches, punching bags and other gym-oriented equipment.

Patrick McGee, a senior business management major, explained how the difference in equipment influences his decision.

“I definitely prefer the Rec Center,” McGee said. “The Rec Center has much better equipment. They’re also open later, but mainly just the equipment. The Fitness Center just doesn’t have some of the back machines that I really like, and there are too many benches. And it’s always just a hassle going over there because everyone’s always in there doing the same stuff that I want. The Rec Center is a little bit smaller, but I like it better.”

The Rowan Rec Center. -Features Editor/Sydney Kerelo

The Rec Center, although small, has some great additions that the Fitness Center gym just doesn’t have. Shaked Up, for instance, offers health smoothies after visitors get done with fitness classes or using the gym.

Junior electrical engineering major Karlie Naphy prefers the Fitness Center on Victoria Street since it better helps with her personal goals.

“I like the 3-D scanner,” Naphy said. “It’s like a camera that circles your body and takes 3-D measurements and it’s pretty accurate with body fat and measurements. I’m going to do it at the end of this semester and see if there’s any improvement from last semester.”

Naphy also explained why she prefers not to spend much time at the Rec Center.

The Fitness Center -Features Editor/Sydney Kerelo

“I like that the heavy weights in the Fitness Center are separated from the machinery because the heavy weights can be really loud and really annoying,” Naphy added. “I’ll go to the classes at the Rec Center and they’re just dropping weights consistently when I’m in yoga. It’s pretty annoying to hear ‘thunks’ in the ceiling.”

Location also plays a big role in the decision. The Rec Center is closer to some of the dorms, such as Willow, Magnolia and Edgewood Park Apartments. The Fitness Center is near Rowan Boulevard and Holly Pointe.

Alexis Kriley, a junior psychology and law and justice double major, explained how location impacts her decision.

“Usually I go to the Rec Center because I live closer but I have been to the Fitness Center and I like it better,” Kriley said. “I think the Fitness Center is newer and has more stuff. I like that there is more room to do abs, and at the Rec Center, it’s cramped.”

The Rec Center and the Victoria Street Fitness Center both have good qualities and bad, yet they still appeal to many Rowan students.

So now the question is, which gym do you prefer?

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