Annie Busarello explains in her ProfTalk that it is human nature to fear the unknown, and that is perfectly okay. -Contributor/Alexa Aulicino

As the semester draws to a close, we find ourselves moving on in a sense. Students partake in a transition from the structured school year to something new. This may be an alluring time, but it can be daunting as well.

Maybe you are to become a Rowan alumnus, possibly you will embark on a trip, or you may find yourself putting your new skills to work at an internship or job. Whatever you are moving on to, you should accept new experiences with open arms, as change is inevitable.

Thursday night, Leadership Rowan hosted its last ProfTalk of the semester. ProfTalks highlight advice from peers and colleagues, many of whom are going through similar and relatable experiences. This can be comforting for listeners.

The closing theme of the year was “Moving On,” presented from the perspective of six individuals.

The overarching sentiment was one of a need to put yourself out there. As humans, we fear the unknown and find ourselves leading ritualistic lives. Yet we are molded by new experiences and need to embrace change. We live our lives in stages. In each stage, we are molded into better versions of ourselves.

One of the presenters, Anna Pietrzak, a junior double major in Management and Human Resources Management, explained why she chose to speak.

“I decided to give this ProfTalk because I believe that there is value in learning from others’ experiences,” Pietrzak said.

She went on to give advice to anyone going through a change in their life.

“Just be in it, don’t forget the people and process of how you got there; every inch matters,” she said.

From the presentations, attendees latched onto the concept of living intentionally. When we move on, we need to grow from the past, plan for the future and live in the present. Maybe an experience is not what we hoped for, but from it, we may learn what we don’t like, which is just as important as learning what we like.

Kara Natoli, a sophomore Civil Engineering student, explained how she is wrapping up her time as a Leadership Rowan Program Assistant.

“Tonight was special for me,” Natoli said. “It was my last time hosting ProfTalks. I have learned a lot over this past year, and tonight especially, that will help me ‘move on’ to some other great opportunities.”

So whether you’re turning the page to read the next article in this edition or turning the page to start a new chapter of your life, know that you are not alone in feeling excited or scared. Moving on is a bittersweet experience, since no one knows what’s around the corner.

But not knowing what’s next is the greatest mystery in life.

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