Rowan University’s 2019 Winter Ball

The 2019 Rowan University winter ball took place this past Saturday, Feb. 16th. -Photo Courtesy of Paige Stressman

Hosting an hour long cocktail beforehand, the Winter Ball kicked off in the Student Centers ballroom this past Saturday, Feb. 16, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Rowan students were greeted by food and a DJ playing all of the famous hits from this year and past years. Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Winter Ball, students got the chance to experience the Rowan tradition at its finest.

“The Winter Ball is a Rowan tradition that has been occurring for the last ten years. This was the second year that I had the opportunity to plan the event,” said Madelyn Elliot, director of Student Events and a member of the Student University Programmers (SUP).

There is a lot of work that goes into planning one of these balls. Not only is the theme thought of, but planning the catering, decorations, music, location and more were put into making this ball a reality.

“Planning started back in October when SUP selected the theme and then we began brainstorming ideas for how we would like to decorate the ballroom so we could bring the theme to life,” Elliott said.

Dancing was the highlight of the night with the well-versed DJ playing hit songs.

“My experience here so far is really good,” said Tabatha Dalponte, a freshman psychology major. “It’s a really nice event to hangout with friends, to dance, and eat food.”

From slow dancing to doing the Wobble, there was a variety of fun songs to benefit every Rowan student.

“The best part of my night so far is dancing to the Wobble,” Dalponte said.

Aaron Lee, a sophomore biochemistry and public relations double major, thought that the slow dancing was the best part.

“I think my favorite part so far was definitely slow dancing with my girlfriend,” Lee said. “Because that really meant a lot to me and just that opportunity being there was just great.”  

The Winter Ball is a great place for students to hang out, spend time with each other and dance off the stress of school work.

“It’s a fun night for students to just hang out and have a good time with their friends,” Elliott said. “Each year we see a great turn out for Winter Ball, which shows that this is something that students are interested in and would continue to attend.”

Many students were surprised by the food and cocktail party that was offered beforehand.

“I didn’t know there was (going to be) food here at all but it was really nice,” Dalponte said. “They had like a cocktail party before, a dinner and then the dance.”

It may seem like something most people in college might not be interested in, but its a great event to go and relieve stress. It’s also a chance to connect with friends, let loose and more importantly, have fun.

“The Winter Ball has been a lot of fun for me personally, I have been able to connect with a lot my close friends,” Lee said. “Come out, have some fun, hangout, it’s just been really great. I’ve been loving the refreshments and food they have been serving and the music is definitely keeping that vibe.”

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