Monarch Diner is superior to PB’s

The Monarch Diner located on Delsea Dr. -Features Editor/Sydney Kerelo

After the closing of Glassboro’s biggest diner, PB’s, a new group set up shop in hopes of bringing a new atmosphere to the town. Monarch Diner opened on Monday, Feb. 18 and when I pulled into the parking lot on Friday night, there wasn’t a free spot in sight. It was obvious that Glassboro residents were excited about this grand opening.

Walking into Monarch Diner was a fresh new site. The bright blue booths and brand-new tiling created a bright and happy atmosphere. The high-top tables that once stood in the main area of PB’s were replaced with a row of booths fit for two people, creating a real North Jersey diner feel. 

Monarch Diner’s display of cupcakes and cheesecakes. -Photo courtesy of Maggie Leenas

The photographs scattered on the walls are an homage to Rowan University, featuring black and white photographs of spots around campus. PB’s long bar has been transformed into a small diner counter with a huge case of desserts alongside it. From cupcakes to cheesecakes, the array of sweets on display looked exquisite. 

When my roommates and I walked in, we were immediately welcomed by a young staff. We were given a wait time of about 10-15 minutes. More people continued to pour in as we waited and the front area became very crowded. But being a diner, the wait was quicker than expected and people were being seated every few minutes.

Our waitress introduced herself and she had another waiter paired with her. Each one apologized in advance if they messed anything up, as they were still learning the menu and they’d only been open for a few days. 

The menu was a bit overwhelming at first because there were so many different options. Monarch offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menus, as well as 15 different burgers. There is something for everyone on this menu, which is very appealing.

I ordered a turkey club (around $9.00), which was paired with a generous amount of crispy french fries, as well as coleslaw and a pickle. The sandwich was so big and I was full after eating only half. My roommate ordered the El Diablo burger (around $10.95), which was topped with peppers, jalapenos, and chipotle ranch. Both of our orders were delicious.

However, my other friend’s order got messed up and she received a turkey burger instead of a regular one. The waitress apologized for putting her order in wrong and the host came back out with the food to make sure everything was okay, which I felt was very telling about their management. 

It is obvious that the Monarch team is still in training, but they definitely have the potential to turn into a great staple of Glassboro. The place was filled with families and their kids, the food was tremendous and the friendly and caring staff will make you come back time and time again.

Info Box:

Prices: Ranging from on average, $5.25 to $13.95, with some outliers

Name: Monarch Diner & Restaurant

Address:  500 Delsea Dr., Glassboro, New Jersey 08028

Rating: 4 out of 5

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