Escape the cold by planning your Spring Break trip

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With the most recent winter storm blanketing South Jersey with snowy white powder, many people, myself included, have been dragged into seasonal depression.

So now is the time to start thinking of better days: sunny and stress-free Spring Break vacation!

Rowan’s Spring Break begins on March 18 and lasts until March 23, which may not seem like a lot of time but with weekends, it is the perfect break in this crazy spring semester.

A lot of people look at going to Florida or Punta Cana, Mexico or the Caribbean. These are perfect destinations but they can get quite costly.

Here are five Spring Break destinations on a budget.

Mariner of the Seas

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This cruise line takes you on a luxury cruise to the Bahamas, all at a convenient cost. The Mariner of the Seas features 700 rooms while also offering not only an amazing view, but also fun activities such as a bungee jump trampoline and the newly added Flow Rider surf simulator. You can enjoy eating at the finest restaurants on board. Families, friends, Spring Breakers alike are all welcome to join on this wonderfully relaxing cruise ship.

Enjoy a luxury experience on the cruise ship while also traveling to the Bahamas, a beautiful vacation destination located in the Caribbean. Offering snorkeling, scuba diving and the ability to soak up some sun on the beautiful clean beaches, this is a great get-away for Spring Break.

For a seven night package, including air fare and the hotel, this amazing Spring Break destination is only $1,745.

Cabo, Mexico

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Travel outside of the United States by going to beautiful Cabo, a resort destination that is located right on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. Known for its beaches and incredible night life, Cabo is the perfect destination for college students.

Some of Cabo’s most famous beaches are The Arch of Cabo San Lucas, which is a famous arch shaped rock formation right off of the beach. Others include Lovers beach and Playa Del Amor, which offer snorkeling and a crisp, clear blue sea that is the perfect location to tan and relax from college stress.

Venice Beach, California

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One Spring Break trip that may seem a little out of the ordinary when compared to everyone who usually goes to Florida, Mexico or the Caribbean is a trip to California. Venice Beach is known for its bohemian style along with the lively surrounding area full of unique shops, street performers, colorful murals and skate parks. There are foodie hot spots, an incredible night life and the chance to experience some of the liveliest and interesting people around. This beach is edgy, artsy and the perfect destination for college students looking expanding their horizons and experiences.

Located right on Santa Monica’s south side, Venice Beach was modeled after Venice, Italy, showcasing modernist style with a flare of eccentricity. This destination is the perfect place to relax on the beach and experience some unique livelihood.

Miami, Florida

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Want to stay on the East Coast with an easy travel? Miami is the perfect spring break destination for you. Miami is one of the world’s most popular vacation destination. Offering an exciting night life in South Beach, the artsy unique aspects of the Art Deco district and the energetic atmosphere of Little Havana, there’s something for everyone. Not only does Miami offer deep sea fishing and snorkeling along its beautiful beaches but it also offers incredible shopping locations.

Located right on the east of the Florida coast, this perfect Spring Break destination will be the perfect fit for just about anyone.

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is considered one of the environmentally-sustainable countries on earth, with their residents taking large pride in their natural resources. Although there is a huge emphasis on nature at this Spring Break destination, there are also luxury hotel resorts. The adventurer in travelers doesn’t have to compromise with the relaxing by the beach side. There are many luxury hotel resorts that are located right between mountains and the beautiful beaches.

Guanacaste is a beautiful beach that is completely dry and sunny all year long, while also being one of the least crowded areas. With a 400-mile stretch of Pacific Coast this destination offers beautiful black and white sanded beaches surrounded by tropical dry and rain forests.

Although Costa Rica doesn’t have the largest night life around, the ability to enjoy both the crystal clear beaches and tropical forests is what draws in vacationers.

Being in the middle of winter can cause some seasonal depression and some serious lack of vitamin D. That means that it’s time to start planning for a sunny and beautiful spring break trip to get rid of that winter and college stress.

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