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The staple for a cheap and easy meal is Ramen noodle soup. Whether cooked in a plastic cup or on the stove, it has been a savior for college students.

Yet there are only so many ways to eat it and only so many choices for flavors.

There are flavors such as Sriracha Chicken, Lime Chili, Shrimp, Creamy Chicken, Plain Chicken, Beef, Roast Chicken, etc. There are so many different options, but sometimes these exotic flavors can be hard to come by, or the regular ones become tiresome.

Sometimes, you need a little something extra.

Here are 10 ways to spice up those Ramen meals.

1. Switch out the broth

Ramen is notorious for being easy to make and delicious as well. Having the broth being made out of a flavor packet and water allows for an easy way to microwave the noodles and is cheaper than buying chicken broth. One way that you can change the Ramen into something extra delicious is by using Miso paste instead of the flavor packets. This creates a change in flavor and makes the meal more authentic and healthier than with flavor packets.

2. Put an egg in it

When you go to a Ramen bar, like those in Philly or New York City, there is often a hard boiled egg present in the dishes. Hard boil an egg and place it in your Ramen for a more filling and rounded meal.

3. Add soy sauce

That little clear packet with some dark brown liquid in it that comes with every Chinese takeout meal is the perfect solution for a Ramen dinner. Adding soy sauce not only adds color into that boring, white noodle soup, but it also adds a nearly universally-beloved flavor. Soy sauce also adds salt, making for a richer experience.

4.  Sriracha, Sriracha, Sriracha

If you love spice then this jar of red goodness is the perfect addition to your soup. This spicy delicacy is the perfect seasoning. Adding just a dash of it, or half the jar if that’s your thing, creates a fiery dish.

5. Just add spices

One very small but incredibly important way to spice up Ramen is by adding spices like pepper, salt and chili flakes, or even a cinnamon stick. All of these spices are the perfect way to diversify any Ramen experience.

6. Make it with Peanut Butter

I know that this sounds super weird, but it is a surprisingly common way to create a unique Ramen dish. Douse the noodles with a few blobs of peanut butter and throw in some potatoes and vegetables and you have a delicious, easily made Ramen bowl.

7. Cheese

Cheese is the perfect addition to any meal. Adding in a few slices of cheese to your noodles makes for a cheese soup, making it essentially a mac and cheese Ramen dish.

8. Boil it in chicken broth

Instead of using water, you can use broth to make a real soup dish. Water and the flavor packets make a nice broth, but adding in real chicken broth makes it even better.

9. Chili sauce

Soak the noodles in chili sauce to create a spicy meal. This adds a hot spice to the noodles while also giving it a nice red color. This sounds extreme, I know, but it can be done with little pain.

10. Add veggies

Vegetables might seem boring and gross to us college kids, but they’re healthy and might even taste good if given a chance! Adding in even the smallest amount of vegetables can make a really big impact on the way that you eat your Ramen.

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