How to keep New Year’s resolutions


Welcome spring semester, and with it the cold, snow, rain and seasonal depression. With the income of winter, there also comes the threat of depression.

Everyone gets excited and thrilled for the new year, they make their New Year’s resolutions with high hopes of keeping them but once the ball drops and the high wears off, the reality sinks in and those resolutions just become another note on the desk.

School begins, papers, exams and homework start to fill the void causing the same routines to fill the holes.

It’s time to put that to bed, no more procrastinating and putting off changing lives for the better. No more waiting to fulfill those long lost resolutions until the following year, never really completing those tasks.

Here are 5 ways for college students, like myself, to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions:

1. Start Small

If a resolution to check off the list was to conquer the world and become the greatest biologist of all time, then there might need to be some reevaluating on that thought. Instead of becoming the greatest of all time, start with saying, ‘I will put together a resume and look for jobs that showcase my interests’ or ‘I will work harder in my biology classes, gaining as much knowledge as I can, acing that class to become the greatest biologist of all time eventually.’

2. Create a To-Do list

A lot of people’s resolutions are to better their lives, either mentally or physically. Some people either want to lose weight or stop procrastinating, or even become more mentally stable while in school. Create a list of small things that you can do daily, or even weekly, to achieve such as meal prep or ‘buy carrots, chicken and broccoli at the store this weekend.’ Checking off going for a 10-minute walk around campus or to sit for 5 minutes before bed to decompress and think about life will help in the long run to achieve those resolutions.

3. Find a buddy

So many people lose sight of their resolutions because they become so caught up with everyday life. Grab a friend, or maybe a few, and make a pact to both workout together everyday or to go to yoga every week to decompress – this helps to become more likely to complete those goals. When there’s another person wanting to complete those same goals or similar ones, then those resolutions are more likely to be completed.

4. Listen to motivational podcasts

Something that I have more recently discovered is listening to motivational podcasts. These podcasters interview life coaches or people who have become successful in their career to pick their brains about what they did to get to where they are now. These interviews break down the bad and ugly side of becoming successful; they make it relatable and encouraging for everyday people to achieve their goals. Listen to them while walking to class instead of music, while writing that paper or in the car driving to work.

5. Remember that perfection is unattainable

There may be people who have already achieved their goals and who are farther along in their careers, but just because they are doesn’t mean everyone is. There is always that one person that is going above and beyond, and good for them, but that’s not for everybody. Everyone’s goals and dreams are different. There are different aspects and steps that need to be achieved before the finish line. Don’t worry about what the person next door is doing, worry about what you can do right now.

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