Winter chills are becoming more and more evident as the months drag on. The need for winter clothing is a necessity. -Photo courtesy of

This week has brought some of the coldest recorded temperatures to the Midwest, even sprinkling bouts of snow throughout New Jersey. Those mini skirts and crop tops are not going to keep you warm during the winter months. 

In need of a few new winter items? Look no further! Here’s a list of essential winter gear you’ll need to stay warm.

Love Your Melon hat

These hats come in all different colors and styles, each one knitted with thick, soft cotton. The hat usually costs around $30, which is a little on the more expensive side but with every purchase, the company gives a hat to a child fighting pediatric cancer. What’s better than that?


Wearing a Bear-coat feels like you’re always being hugged by your favorite fuzzy blanket. The built-in warmth comes from faux fur, so no animals are harmed in the process of making them, and you’re sure to stay extra warm when outside! Only $40, this is the perfect coat to keep you extra cozy and looking highly fashionable. 

Blanket Scarf

The frigid winds of the winter may not seem that bad at first, but eventually they will take a toll on your neck and cheeks! Blanket scarfs are thick, cozy and because they can be worn in so many different ways, they’ll never go out of style. You can find these awesome scarves at really any clothing store or you can buy handmade ones online.  

Thermal Leggings

Fleece-lined leggings aren’t just for skiing; they are so much warmer than the regular leggings you’re used to wearing! If you consider yourself pretty active, thermal leggings are perfect for outdoor running, especially when the temperature drops. Keeping cozy is a necessity when you enjoy the outdoors year-round.

Boot Socks

Thick socks are a must when it comes to the cold weather. Although Autumn is the start of boot season, winter is the time when you need a thick layer to keep your feet warm. The best winter socks are made by SmartWool because they’re super warm and not too thick!


Not really a hat person? Earmuffs are coming back into style! They’re a great way to stay warm without messing up your hair, and they’re easy to pull on and off. Plus you can find the cutest styles, colors and sizes to match any outfit!


Turtlenecks are the most underrated of winter clothing items. They have lost popularity but all fashion comes back to life. Ever since the 90s, turtlenecks have been worn and there’s an array of styles to choose from. There’s no need for a scarf when wearing a turtleneck!

Sherpa Pullover

Sherpas are similar to Bear-coats, but they’re less thick and act more as a sweatshirt than a jacket. They are perfect for lounging around the house and staying warm and cozy while indoors.

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