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With the last week of the semester inching closer and closer, take a minute to realize what you accomplished this year.

In what feels like an eternity, you successfully braved through an arduous semester of studying, projects, sleepless nights and constant ingestion of caffeine. If your semester has been a breeze, then congratulations. The dull monotony of having to get out of bed to go to class is almost at an end. However, if you’re like me and you’ve been juggling school and another important facet of your life, it’s okay. Take a breath, it’s almost over.

You may be too stressed at the moment to hear this, but it’s okay to take a break every once and awhile. Having to focus everything all at once is quite possibly the worst thing you can do right now. It’s counterproductive, annoying and worst of all stressful. Just take a moment and appreciate the fact that you did it and made it to the end!

Also understand the fact that there are others like you across the country that are going through the same ordeal as you. We may be carrying different amounts of stress, but we’re all carrying a similar cross. I have two projects that need finishing, two finals that I need to study for and to top it all off, I have Christmas shopping to worry about! You’re not alone in your stress. There are legions like you.

It’s also important to note that taking breaks in between these stressful times can help, as well. I like to dedicate each day of work with specific tasks for specific subjects. I try to split my stress up into manageable pieces rather than having to stress one day and then relax for the rest. Set a specific time to say, “Okay I’m done for the day” and spend the rest of that day relaxing. Whether it’s watching Netflix, playing Red Dead Redemption II or eating Chipotle, do you.

Take the time to relax. You deserve it.

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