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With all the classic, and even non-classic, Christmas and holiday songs out there, it can be hard to pick the top five Christmas songs of all time, yet somehow, I managed to do it. (These are in no particular order.)

All I Want for Christmas is YouMariah Carey
How can you not like this classic? Nothing says “ringing in the holiday season” quite like blasting this jam during the whole month of December. There’s just something so romantic about understanding the lyrics of this song, and loving someone so much that all you really want is to spend the holidays with that special someone.

Last ChristmasAshley Tisdale
Arguably, one of the best Christmas songs ever. Such a classic. Try and tell me differently, but I probably won’t listen. While there are so many versions of this song, like the ones by Taylor Swift, Wham!, the list goes on, the only other version that comes remotely close to being as good as the Ashley Tisdale version is the Ariana Grande version.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas TreeBrenda Lee
With such an upbeat style to it, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” never fails to get me in such a great mood and so excited to be home spending the holidays with families. Every time I hear this song, I always think of that scene in “Cheaper by the Dozen” when they finally get past all the mayhem of their lives to finally get to sit down and enjoy Christmas dinner together, even if the chandelier falls as they eat. Regardless, they still got to enjoy the holiday with each other, which is a perfect reminder of what the holiday season is really all about.

You’re a Mean One, Mr. GrinchThurl Ravenscroft
As a stressed and sleep-deprived college student, I can relate, and even sympathize, with why the Grinch is always so cranky, especially when those around him are always so cheery. While I’m not always the “mean one” that the Grinch is, I can understand being so mean, especially when you don’t have someone to celebrate the holidays with to really show you why the holidays are such a cheery time. Either way, there’s nothing quite as funny as listening to Thurl Ravenscroft singing similes like “You’re as charming as an eel.”

Phoebe’s Christmas SongPhoebe Buffay
All “Friends” fans can agree—this has to be one of the top songs Phoebe ever sang on the show in the 10 years it ran. I can’t think of any other Christmas song that is more sentimental than Phoebe trying to rhyme holiday themes with the gang’s names, including when she sang, “And Rachel and Chandler, Ha ah ha ah handler!”—because what even rhymes with Chandler?” Regardless, this song is a classic, and definitely one of the best Christmas, or even holiday, songs, no matter how under-appreciated it is.

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