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We all have at one point in our lives felt like we couldn’t take on the world anymore. We might like to believe that we don’t have a breaking point, a time where the workload is too much.

“If a problem begins to seem overwhelming, students may feel as if they can’t ‘do college’” Vicki Nelson noted in an article for collegiateparent.

Here is a list from Thrive Campus Health Services of a few common obstacles students face on their journey to academic success:

  • Getting behind in one course because of having to study for another
  • Priorities discombobulated
  • The cost of everything

There is no quick end to the obstacles of life. That is why we must keep our discipline, dedication and consistency and live our lives with a level and healthy mind.

Here are a few steps to help overcome those obstacles and come out on the bright side. I realize they may sound cliché, but there really is a bright side to any situation, even when you can’t quite see it. Remember, you’re never truly alone.

First, ask others for help when you so desperately need it.  Studies have shown that students have a challenging time reaching out to their professor(s) because “the student is so utterly lost, they don’t know where to start… [there is a] fear of asking a dumb question,“ said Brian Lamb in an article for Letsrecap.

Second, you need to figure out the source of a problem.

Beverly D. Flaxington shared on Psychology Today how to identify the root:

“Take a minute to understand what’s in your way. Why are you unhappy? What’s holding you back from happiness,” Flaxington said. “What problems do you encounter on your road to be successful?” 

Finally, create a plan that will help you step by step to overcome an obstacle at a time. I personally try to organize everything in a planner. I put all the due dates for everything in the margin next to the assignment. Then I highlight everything that is due in a day or two and work on those before working on the other course assignments. You can also ask yourself questions about how you are going to work towards completing the assignment(s).

“How would you move this obstacle and make it work for you? What could you do day-by-day, week-by-week to minimize the impact of the obstacle? What options do you have to deal with this obstacle?” Flaxington said.

Know when to ask for help, figure out where the root of the problem is and create a plan to overcome the current obstacle. I realize right now as the fall semester draws to a close many become over-stressed and overwhelmed with the work load that they are having piled on them. But I want to let you know that you can do this. Hold on to that discipline, dedication and persistence and never give up. This is one of the many important times in your life. These obstacles that you are facing are going to build you into a stronger individual. As I always tell myself, I am going to take one second, one minute, one hour, one day, one week, one month and one year at a time.

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