The laser tag arena in the middle of the Student Center Pit stood close to twenty feet tall and was shaped like a flying saucer with an alien on top. -Staff Writer/Kalie VanDewater

Rowan After Hours (RAH) hosted a brand-new event known as RAH in Space throughout the Student Center Pit on Thursday.

Among the activities available to participants were inflatable laser tag, tie-dying, constellation string art and an arcade tournament.

When first walking into the Student Center, the most noticeable thing was the laser tag arena. It stood close to twenty feet tall and was shaped like a flying saucer with an alien on top. Students entered the arena in groups of about eight to engage in laser tag battles.

One of the novelties of the night was the tie-dying station. Lining up along the wall near the Student Center front entrance, students were able to pick a t-shirt to twist up and dye in a variety of colors.

The DIY activity at RAH in Space was constellation string art, which was extremely popular among all the attendees. Students were able to choose between a square or a circular piece of wood, which they then got to paint with any design. After painting, they hammered nails into the wood to mark the string pattern they wanted. Though the activity was promoted as constellation art and zodiac star designs were provided on slips of paper for reference, many people decided to come up with their own designs.

Lola Vera, a senior political science major, said she came to the event for the string art craft.

Lola Vera, a senior Political Science major, said she came to the event for the string art craft. -Staff Writer/Kalie VanDewater

“I like anything that has to do with art,” she said. “Even though my major’s not art, I’m really good at it.”

Vera also said she didn’t expect to have as much fun with the DIY as she ended up having.

Throughout the night, students could try their hand at Galaga, a classic space-themed arcade game, in the Student Center Pit. The game was projected on a large screen so that anyone could watch. Players who scored the highest had their names written up on a constantly-updated leaderboard near the screen.

The midnight snack bar consisted of brownie sundaes, where students picked between either chocolate or vanilla ice cream and a variety of toppings.

There was also a raffle for gaming credit that was drawn toward the end of the night. Students entered using a ticket they received when they signed in to the event.

The event was created by the efforts of Student Programming Coordinator Joseph Scafiro and the Programming Committee.

“It’s a proud moment for me to just stand in the background,” Megan Henry said, one of RAH’s Graduate Coordinators. “Myself and my coworker William [McMillan], who’s the other RAH coordinator, typically do all of this work for the events, so to be able to stand back and see [them] do it, and see it come out so successfully is just really, really unique and a really awesome thing.”

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