Cookie Munchers’ November cookie of the month is a gift


With its one year anniversary, Cookie Munchers debuted their cookie of the month for November: Birthday Cake. This choice was clever on their part. In between the pumpkin spice craze of October and the holiday classics of December, November really does not have a theme to it for its sweets. As purposeful and meaningful as this decision may sound for them to pick this flavor, I have a different understanding of the flavor. In the past, I have never really cared for birthday cake as a flavor, as it has a processed taste to it. However, the cookies looked enticing and colorful enough to convince the skeptical likes of me to go and satisfy my sugar cravings.

Like their red velvet cookie, this cookie was a sandwich cookie, meaning that two smaller cookies were sandwiched together through the glue of a frosting middle. In this case, two funfetti cookies were squeezed together with buttercream frosting in the middle. Most funfetti cookies are typically made from boxed ingredients, so I was curious to see how they could adapt this to their brand. However, I was disappointed. The cookies were cold and hard, unlike Cookie Munchers signature chewy and malleable cookies. This could be the result of a bad batch, but it was just a sad sugar cookie that even sprinkles couldn’t improve. On the other hand, the buttercream frosting was very nice, and complimented the nature of the cookie sandwich. The cream was whipped and light, with the texture of airiness and fluff. Since it wasn’t too heavy, it was easy to eat more of the cookies. The only other issue found was the icing, spread a little too thickly in the middle of the cookie making it overbearingly sweet. To go with the smooth and uniform texture of the icing, Cookie Munchers added a rim of confetti sprinkles around the icing, making for a nice texture. And there was just enough sprinkles that it wasn’t too crunchy or too sparse. With all of these components, the taste did get a bit overbearingly sweet and a bit repetitive in taste.

Overall, for the value of $2.85, this cookie was worth it. Compared to the cookies at other places like the Student Center, which sell at roughly the same price, it pays for variety and uniqueness. The cookies are on the more sweet and dry cookie side, so I would suggest letting it sit for awhile so that the cookie could absorb some moisture. It also helps to eat it in slow increments, and not all at once, to keep the taste still interesting. I would say that the only difference between the Cookie Munchers Birthday Cake cookie and a store-bought Shoprite sugar cookie would be Cookie Muncher’s superior texture.

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