Douris: Observations of Campbell Library at Rowan University

Rowan University's Campbell Library. - File Photo / Miguel Martinez

“You have to stop doing this to yourself every time,” I said to myself while staring deeply into a blank Microsoft Word document. 

It’s the day before my assignment is due and here I was again in the Campbell Library at Rowan University. I’m not sure why I always go there to write my stories. It’s loud, crowded and sometimes the computer keyboards are greasy. 

As I sat and tried to find something to write about, I began to observe this scene that’s become familiar to me over the years. 

To my left was a couple who looked like they were trying to get some type of math homework done. The room was noisy but it wasn’t coming from them. They weren’t bothering me much, but I couldn’t help but wonder why they were in front of computers. 

“Half the time I come here, I can’t get a spot, meanwhile these two aren’t even logged in,” I said to myself, hoping it wasn’t out loud.

Then there was the kid to my right, who had his earphones in and the music on full blast. You could hear it from the other room clear as day. I never know how these kids can get anything done with something as distracting as that. 

When I go to the library, I try to find a spot where there’s a computer space between me and the person next to me. I like my privacy and it helps me get in the zone.

The next person who entered the room was determined to make this paper a living hell. 

The gamer, also known as the student who goes to the library just to make noise and play online video games while distracting everyone in the room, sat down right next to me. Boy, is it my lucky day? 

As he sat down he started to unload his things, which took him all of about ten minutes. The kid must have had about five jackets and three book bags and he piled them all right next to me. 

Once he settled in and got on what I assume was his favorite video game site, he gave me a surprise I wasn’t expecting. 

Jimmy John’s. The kid brought Jimmy John’s into the library. He dove head first into the sandwich, lips smacking and all. My trip to the library has gone from a bad dream to a nightmare. 

How in the world could The Gamer be doubling as The Sandwich Eater? I thought I had this situation figured out. How was I supposed to concentrate when this madness was going on? 

As time moved on, students began to come and leave. I finally started to get locked in on my paper. The couple to my left began finishing up whatever they were working on and the Headphones were long gone. 

About 200 words into my paper The Gamer logged out. I figured he would be there for at least a few hours trying to make this paper harder for me, but he got up from his chair and grabbed everything he brought except the wrapper from his sandwich.

When he left I looked closer at where he was sitting. Mayo and bread crumbs on the keyboard. I guess that’s why the keyboards get so greasy. 

After a long day of battling the same distractions that are always found in the Campbell Library, I was finally finishing up. 

“You have to stop doing this to yourself every time,” I said to myself while staring deeply into the completed assignment. 

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