NFL football on a kicking tee. - Photo / Courtesy of user "Capri23auto"

Sitting as one of two undefeated teams left, it seems as though the Los Angeles Rams are the team to beat this year. The Rams easily won their first three games and showed that they could win a shootout when they most recently beat the Vikings in a 38-31 game where both offenses seemed unstoppable. The Rams not only have the number one ranked offense in the NFL right now, but also a top ten ranked defense to go along with it.

Seeing the team playing this well reminds me of the 2001 Rams that started the season off 6-0 and finished the regular season with a record of 14-2. That team was led by MVP quarterback Kurt Warner and MVP running back Marshall Faulk. Through four games, Kurt Warner had thrown for 1,194 yards and Faulk had ran for 414. Similarly, Jared Goff has thrown for 1,406 yards (and only 2 interceptions) and Todd Gurley had rushed for 338 yards for the present-day Rams. For both the 2001 Rams and the 2018 Rams, offense was not a problem. However, everyone knows defense wins championships.

The Rams we are watching now not only have a dominating offense, but have one of the best defensive lines in the NFL. Due to this, offenses they play against only have so long to throw the ball, and having to worry about that much pressure in your face as a quarterback, turnovers are bound to happen. This team has been playing great football so far showing they can dominate on offense and make stops on defense when they are truly needed.

The Rams sure are shaping up to be a definite in the Super Bowl. But the Chiefs started off strong last year and then fell off, and a slow Patriots team heated up enough to play for another Super Bowl. Anything is possible.

If the Rams can keep up their great play and improve every week, as well as avoid the injury bug that seems to hit all good teams, they will definitely be playing for a Super Bowl this year.

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