SGA members meet for biweekly meeting. Multimedia Editor/Miguel Martinez.

Rowan’s Student Government Association (SGA) met back in the Eynon Ballroom at the Student Center on Monday to discuss important upcoming and current matters.

Prior to the meeting, SGA attended a candlelight vigil on Rowan’s campus to honor the victims of a mass shooting, which rocked the nation on Saturday. The shooting occurred at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, where 11 people were killed. SGA also had a few members on the executive board mention their concerns and express their sorrows.

SGA President Rbrey Singleton held a moment of silence at the beginning of the meeting.

“Obviously anytime something like this happens it’s really scary,” Singleton said. “We want the folks in the Jewish community, as well as folks on campus, to know that we are there for them.”

An “Ad-Hoc” (which translates to temporary) added a new take to the usual meeting, and arranged for possible changes to the SGA structure. Most universities do not have clubs that are represented, and Rowan wants to restructure the senate so it can better represent the student body.

“I’ve attended about 3-4 conferences across the country with SGA officials from all over the United States and Rowan University has one of the largest senates,” Singleton said.

The Student Financial Control Board postponed the approval of the addition of Adirondack chairs on campus to a vote that could potentially happen next week. Board members will revisit the proposal to make sure it better fits the budget.

Later in the meeting, it was announced that the Wellness Center will host its first student Mental Health Conference on Nov. 14., where presentations will be held on mental health.

Michael Webster, assistant vice president of Student Affairs, stated that these topics will span a wide variety, including “certain conditions or ways to help deal with them or alleviate them.”

Upcoming emails will specify a location and time for the event.

Two clubs petitioned for a charter at the meeting. Sports Communication and Media Club and Creatives of Diverse Entertainment were granted as petitioning clubs.

Near the end of the meeting, a few clubs were in jeopardy of having their charters taken away, and two were granted probationary periods to fix issues within their clubs. These clubs included Students United for Mentorship and Service as well as Camp Kessem.

The last, Auto Club, had no representatives come out to vouch for the club and attempt to keep their charter. At first, a few senators tried to table the discussion for the next meeting, but it was quickly shut down and voted to revoke the club’s charter.

SGA will not meet on Nov. 12 and will pick back up on Nov. 26, after Thanksgiving break.

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