Glassboro police release body-cam footage of campus traffic stop


Nine days after the incident on Rowan University’s campus, the Glassboro Police Department released  all of their body camera footage to their Facebook page. The goal of their release of the footage was “offered in the spirit of complete transparency, and to demonstrate the Police Department’s compliance with appropriate protocols and training for dealing with this type of incident,” according to the Glassboro Police Department’s Facebook page.

Terence Jones, Altaif Hassan’s advocate and lead investigator, spoke on Hassan’s behalf.

“You’re gonna pull out an assault weapon that will travel two to three times faster, or two to three times the speed of a normal bullet; and that bullet would go out of him and possibly into another student.”

Hassan described his perspective of the event,

“It was a regular Monday, I’m in class, and I had to leave to get my glasses. Giovana asked me to drop her off at the student center, I see two cop cars at the T-Mobile so I’m not worried.” he then leaves the shopping center, “I see them pass the car two cars behind me. He stopped the car, backed up and pulled the gun.”

According to the GPD Facebook page “Borough and Rowan Officials will form a committe that will meet on a regular basis to communicate and dialogue to form a bridge to move forward. This committee will include Rowan, Borough and SGA officials.”

-Additional reporting by Justin Jardot

Video by Multimedia Editor/Jaryd Leady


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