Lavalva (top left) and other students volunteer to make decorations for a Hollywood themed event at Juniper Village. Staff Writer / Lindsey D’Ambrosio

In line with Homecoming 2018, Rowan students volunteered to make decorations for an Oscar Night Party held at the Juniper Village, an assisted living home in Williamstown, NJ.

The party is coordinated by a program called Drop In and Volunteer, run by Rowan’s Office of Volunteerism and Community Engagement. The office establishes three service projects a month, covering the Glassboro area, the Drop In and Volunteer program operating twice a month.

The program already made dog toys for the local animal shelter, sandwiches for the Cathedral Kitchen and snack packs for the Ronald McDonald House. On Oct. 26 students will also take a trip to the Salem County Humane Society to assist maintenance of the shelter and take care of cats and dogs.

Participating students dropped in between classes during five hour periods from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to provide the Office of Volunteerism their help for its latest project.

The Hollywood decorating event was created by Naveen Khan, a second year graduate student working towards her masters in special education.

“I really wanted to do a project in our office related to the homecoming theme,” Khan said. “So in going to the assisted living home, it’s a little fun activity for [residents] and it’s easy for [students] to do.”  

According to Khan, there will be a photo-booth, apple juice served in champagne flutes and popcorn, along with crafts for everyone to participate in. Residents will be able to create a Hollywood Walk of Fame star on a tote bag that they can carry around with their walkers or wheelchairs. They’ll also make “door decs” that look like microphones or Oscar awards, with Frank Sinatra in the background as well as the Wizard of OZ.

Freshmen computer science major Luke Lavalva shared his thoughts on the event.

“I got to come in and help out with my friends, and it’s a great way to get service hours,” Lavalva said.

Lavalva and a few of his peers sat working on the decorations. Students mulled in and out, helping throughout the day. According to Lavalva, he is considering coming to more events like this one.

Student’s are encouraged to come in and spend some of their free-time helping out with any events hosted by the Drop In and Volunteer program. It’s flexible for busy students juggling classes, and is a great way to give back to the community.

The event at Juniper Village was held on Tuesday as a private event where 25 students were permitted to attend.

For those looking to attend the trip to the Salem County Humane society or other volunteering events, they should contact Rowan’s Office of Volunteerism and Community Engagement.

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