Rowan After Hours hosted the Zombie World Murder Mystery Dinner on Saturday in the student center. -Staff Writer/Sonjana Kondapalli

Spooky season is finally coming to a close after a month long celebration with events ranging from RAHtoberfest to the Haunted Student Center, students got the chance to experience all of their fall festivities with Rowan After Hours. RAH hosted the final Halloween event with the Zombie World Murder Mystery Dinner on Saturday night.

RAH contracted the Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company to perform a murder mystery play that toyed with the minds of the audience.

The interactive play was set in the fictional “Zombieland” after electric fences had been disabled, unleashing all of the zombies.

“The content could’ve ended up being really corny, but it was better than I expected, so I had a good time,” said Daniel Saez, a freshman marketing and sports communication major.

However, there were a few issues, according to freshman biomedical engineering major Alexandra Zabruski.

“It was a little hard to hear at points, I think that was the biggest concern for me,” Zabruski said. “Some of it did not sound like English, it sounded like mumbling.”

Along with the theater performance, there was a dinner serving of fried chicken and mashed potatoes. RAH staff members ran the food bar at the murder mystery dinner event, serving apple cider and matching apple cider donuts.

Ellie Leick (senior Writing and PR relations major), Allison Gilbert (senior math education major), Skylar Moody(sophomore journalism major), Sarah Lowe (junior law and justice double major) -staff writer/Sonjana Kondapalli

“We are thinking of foods that fit our theme, that’s why we had the hot apple cider and the apple cider donuts because it is a seasonal thing and people like that,” said Will McMillan, RAH graduate coordinator. “A few of our student staff noticed a few students were sitting alone, so they took it upon themselves to go play the game with them and do the dinner with them.”

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