Lance Guzman, Vicky Rubinson and Maddie Schille worked the taco bar at RAHBrainery in 2019. - Staff Writer/ Kalie VanDewater

Rowan After Hours hosted RAH Brainery this past Friday, where students got to explore their creative side in an event different than any other this year.

“Attendees were able to learn something new without the pressure of a grade, which was a significant part of why the event was held,” said Lauren Kuski, assistant director of RAH.

Kuski is an advocate of learning both inside and outside of the classroom and believes it’s important for students to be able to learn something new and different without feeling like they’ll be penalized if they don’t do well. This event was held to help students express their creativity through exploring different outlets.

“The first Brainery event was held last year,” Kuski said.

She based RAH Brainery on a similar event she participated in during a previous job before Rowan.

Among the activities offered were yoga, painting, sushi-making, virtual reality and cross-stitching. Yoga and sushi classes were offered two times each throughout the night, while the other three activities students could try out at any time.

One of the most successful parts of the night was the sushi-making, allowing students to learn new skills.

Freshman molecular cellular biology major Alicja Rypien  and freshman biomedical engineering major Alexandrea Zaburski appreciated the dietary accommodations. The instructors accommodated any dietary restrictions students had and provided imitation crab meat.

Alexandrea Zaburski participating in the sushi making station at RAHBrainery -Staff Writer/Kalie VanDewater

Throughout the night, students got the chance to learn cross-stitching, where they would create fun patterns using a needle and thread.

“I found the cross-stitching very relaxing, and I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much,” Rypien said.

Students could choose from a variety of patterns to inspire their cross-stitching, or they could come up with their very own designs.

Alicja Rypien learning how to cross stitich at RAHBrainery. -Staff writer/ Kalie VanDewater

At the painting station, participants could choose a large or small canvas and paint whatever they wanted. Many students opted to paint quotes they liked or paintings with colorful backgrounds.

Kuski noted that this was one of the things that always surprised her most about the RAH crafts.

“We have samples, but I love the freedom that students have to make what they want,” Kuski said.

Another one of the activities students could experience was virtual reality, provided by the Edelman Planetarium. By putting on a headset, students could be virtually transported to their choice of either the International Space Station, Saturn or the top of Mount Everest.

“The virtual reality experience was probably my number one event of the night because it was so cool that you could see things in 3D,” Zaburski said.

The midnight food bar consisted of both hard-shell and soft-shell tacos.

Everyone in attendance seemed to have a very enjoyable time and loved being able to express their creativity in a stress-free environment.

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