Jonathan (JJ) Aponte and Rachel Young hosting Profs Place Trivia. -Contributor/Chloe Taccetta

The competitive spirit and lively atmosphere of students was a buzz last Wednesday at Profs Place as the Student Center hosted it’s weekly Prof Trivia night, run by the Chamberlain Student Center and Campus Activities.

Sparking an interactive environment, this themed event allows for students, either as individuals or in teams of up to five members, to compete and socialize in an upbeat atmosphere created by hosts Jonathan Aponte and Rachel Young.

“It’s a nice little fun environment that JJ and Rachel create,” Mark Hutchinson, a junior history major, said. “They do a great job of creating a nice, friendly and welcoming environment here in Profs Place.”

With the events featuring new themes each Wednesday, the trivia nights are a free, open setting open to all students who wish to come and test their knowledge in a casual surrounding while participating for various prizes.

“If you look around, everyone across all sorts of backgrounds is here,” Hutchinson said. “We’re all just here to have some fun and to kill a little down time.”

According to host and coordinator of the trivia nights, Jonathan Aponte, students who participate are the spark of inspiration behind each event,.  

At the end of every year, surveys are conducted asking students what themes they’d like to see and student suggestions are given throughout.

“We like to listen to students and appeal to what they want,” Aponte said.

Aponte feels these trivia nights give students the opportunity to put themselves out there and have some fun while they do it, noting the importance of helping students establish a sense of community and help build friendships.

Aponte recounted his own first experience with trivia night, his initial reluctance and the positive results of his decision to attend.

“Now I’m doing it and I love it so much,” he said. “ If it wasn’t for the experience of joining trivia with my friends, I would’ve never had this job, never had the sense of community that I have now, where I get to meet a bunch of amazing people and really put myself out there.”

Aponte encourages people who have not visited the event or who are hesitant to give it a try and put yourself out there.

“You might end up having a really good time, especially if it’s with people who want to have fun like you do.”

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