Disney karaoke night gave students the chance to share their passion through song

Rowan After Hours hosts Disney Karaoke night on October 12, in the Student Center Pit. -Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com

On Friday, Oct. 12 Rowan After Hours (RAH) held a “Disney Karaoke Night” in the Student Center Pit as a part its Disney Weekend. RAH co-sponsored the event with the Student Organization of Africana Studies to host the activities.

Attendees were able to sign up on a sheet that was being passed around, as other people were up on stage and sang their Disney song of choice. The emcees were entertaining and the crowd was courteous of the performers.

Emily Stansbury, a junior theater tech major, and Alex Jackson, a sophomore electrical and computer engineering major, came up with the karaoke themed RAH event that was predetermined by the programming committee before hand.

“We do get to give our ideas and have a voice, but we didn’t have anything to do with coming up with the idea for this event,” said Jackson.

According to Jackson and Stansbury, the RAH events usually have a good outcome and based on the turn-out of this event, they were right. The event started off slow, but as the night went on more people showed up as performances continued. 

Sarah Gillis, a freshman writing arts major, attended the event but didn’t perform.

“It was nicely put together and organized. I loved watching both people who sing karaoke often and some who don’t sing as often,” Gillis said. “It was entertaining to see a variety of people there. My favorite performance was the one by Nick Philhower, who sang ‘Part Of Your World’ from The Little Mermaid. I thought it was funny and a good performance.”

Just like any RAH event, there’s more to an event than the show: pastries were available all throughout the night as well as a midnight chicken nugget food bar. 

A variety of people performed throughout the night making the event highly entertaining for the audience. Everyone applauded and showed so much respect towards the performers, allowing the them to feel confident during their time on stage.

There are karaoke nights throughout the year. So, if you didn’t get a chance to attend Disney karaoke, go sign up for the next one.

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