Goodfella’s New York Italian Deli

Inside the Goodfella's New York Italian Deli on Delsea Drive -photo courtesy of Grace Clevenger/Managing Editor

Simply put, Goodfella’s New York Italian Deli is exactly what the name implies: good. From the minute you walk through the door, the smell of delicious meats and sandwich toppings greets you and makes the decision of what to order even harder.

After some deliberation and reviewing the lengthy menu for a few minutes, I decided on a cheesesteak. While they were cooking my order, the cook came out to ask if I wanted any extra toppings and helped me decide to add cooked onions to it. He was definitely knowledgeable about the foods, and when I was trying to decide what type of onions I wanted on top (red or white), he was able to describe the difference in the taste of the two. I decided to add cooked red onions because they’re sweeter than white onions.

While I was waiting for my sandwich to be finished, I noticed that there were five tables in the restaurant, offering a total of 18 seats. There was a familiar feel, one that is synonymous with all delis. But, there was also a friendly feel to it, one that makes you feel welcomed the minute you walk through the door.

Right behind the ordering counter, there is a case that displays all the sides and meats available, including seasoned peppers and stuffed olives, all of which look delicious.

After the cook, with the biggest smile on his face, handed me my sandwich, he told me to have a great rest of my day and that he would “see me again soon.” I got that warm feeling inside that will definitely bring me back, even aside from how good the food tasted.

While I was eating the sandwich, I had some reservations. Considering how close we are to Philly, I was nervous to have a cheesesteak from anywhere other than the city known for them. This sandwich went above and beyond my exceptions. It was delicious. He was right about the sweet yet good flavor the red onions added. There was a great balance of meaty and onion flavors and the cheese mixed in perfectly. It was so filling, that I couldn’t even finish the foot-long sandwich and had to share it with some friends who were just as overtaken by the delicious taste as I was.

I would definitely recommend this sandwich, and this restaurant, to a friend.

Info Box: Prices range from $5-$8 on average, with some outliers

Name: Goodfella’s New York Italian Deli

Address: 408 Delsea Dr., Glassboro, N.J. 08028

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