Glassboro Yoga is located right on Rowan Boulevard -Photo courtesy of Glassboro Yoga

Glassboro Yoga opened in early September of this year with the mission to create a space for healing and the opportunity to look within. It’s clear the employees are passionate about yoga from the moment the doors open. Each Yogi is excited to help people become a better version of themselves, and it shows. Throughout the week there are different levels of classes offered, depending on skill set and how often one practices yoga. 

According to Glassboro Yoga’s mission statement, they want to empower individuals through the education of yoga. 

“We strive to cultivate an inviting, warm space for members to feel safe as they begin their journey towards self discovery and healing,” the statement said. 

After first walking into Glassboro Yoga, there is an immediate greeting of a strong, comforting smell. A ‘no shoes’ door mat is in front of the door, requiring a barefoot policy as each customer is politely greeted by the staff. There are many different classes to take, including a beginner’s class. As a first timer it can be difficult to remain still and poised during the class. The teacher typically walks around the room, correcting mixed postures and helping struggling students.

The owner of Glassboro Yoga, Megan Countey, is a full-time nurse at the Medical Intensive Unit at Jefferson Hospital. She suffered from chronic lower back pain for over five years before she found yoga. After practicing for just two months, her pain has dissipated and she has been devoted to yoga ever since. 

Countey traveled to Thailand and received her certification in Ayurveda, the “science of life.” 

“Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga and believes everyone falls into one of three categories, or ‘doshas,'” Countey said. “Based on their dosha, they can maintain health through eating a diet prescribed to them and performing yoga.” 

At the end of the class, blankets were draped over the students while the teacher read mantras aloud, easing everybody into a different state.

Yoga is a discipline that’s easy to pick up, but takes patience to fully master. It requires one to empty their mind of all thoughts and focus on themselves. It won’t automatically cure all of life’s anxieties and stress but it will help begin the process of relaxation. 

Even with an open mind, it can be impossible to connect with yoga on a psychological level. This isn’t the easiest task for everyone, but it’s still possible to enjoy yoga for the physical benefits. 

“Realizing the importance of preventative health, I wanted to share yoga’s numerous mental and physical benefits by opening a studio in a location that was convenient to its members,” Countey said.

At Glassboro Yoga, the instructor is very determined to relieve the physical pain of her customers. The class will revolve around making sure those pains disappear, making each and every person feel relaxed and relieved by the end, to begin the process of calming and connecting with the world. 

Additional reporting by Sydney Kerelo 

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