Bubble soccer kicked off ROFL Weekend

Thursday, September 20, 2018 ROFL Weekend hosted the first event, Bubble Soccer. -Multimedia editor/Jaryd Leady

Two activities came together at Rowan University on Thursday, September 20, creating an interesting night of fun, exercise and large bubbles.

Rowan kicked off its ROFL weekend with bubble soccer. Bubble soccer is basically the same thing as soccer, except each person is in their own blow up bubble running around, trying to score against the other team.

The referee would blow the whistle and teams would run to the center where the ball would start. After that, people would start flying, bouncing off each other, trying to knock one another onto the ground and score.

Rowan University’s first event of ROFL Weekend, bubble soccer, taking place on the intramural fields. -Multimedia editor/Jaryd Leady

Maddie Elliott, the director of special events, brought together this event to Rowan because it was something new and fun.

“There was a lot of positive energy the entire night and students seemed really excited for the tournament,” Elliott said. “A lot of the teams were really competitive which was a lot of fun to watch. Students really seemed to enjoy the night.”

Many teams came out to play from all different aspects of campus. The team named “The Swim Fam” came out to show support for Rowan club swimming and to get more involved.

Team member Nick Trohallis, a senior physics major, represented his team on the field.

“It was real vicious, people were flying everywhere,” Trohallis said, “I thought I broke a leg at one point because I got hit in the air, did a little spin and just slammed on the ground.”

No need to worry, Trohallis did not break his leg and said, “It was great to get outside the pool and meet new people.”

Trohallis was right, it was a very vicious game, there was rarely ever a moment where someone was not on the ground. There was a serious lack of dull moments.

Each time someone got hit very hard, the crowd would erupt in cheers, jumping up and down, hoping for another hit to happen.

People were getting hit more often because it was hard for them to see their feet as they would go to kick, due to the bubble.

Lots of students were falling all over the field during bubble soccer. -Multimedia editor/Jaryd Leady

Mia Sclafani, a sophomore marketing major, agreed that the event was a great way to meet new people. Although she did not play, she coordinated a team for the students who call her their room advisor.

“I wasn’t just going to do an ice cream social or anything,” Sclafani said, “I wanted to bring them out to this because it’s just fun and interactive and they can bond together.”

Her team even took their game into penalty kicks, which was a weird sight for those use to normal penalty kicks in soccer.

The goalies stayed in the nets in their bubble, and the shooters also stayed in their bubbles forcing them to sneak their shot into the smaller net.

Sclafani and her team won in penalties and went on to the next round.

“We should do this again next year,” Sclafani said. “There’s like comradery with the sport and super fun because you’re in a bubble and they just won their first game and we’re going onto the second one.”

ROFL weekend was a point in the win column for not only the players, but also the spectators. All of those in attendance seemed to enjoy it and some actually “ROFL-ed” on the floor during the fun.

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