Leady: Here’s what the NBA Finals will look like

ClipArt of Houston Rockets guard James Harden. Photo courtesy of pixabay.com user "OpenClipart-Vectors/27443 images"

March Madness is now “hopefully” out of everyone’s mind and in the past, but it’s not enough time to take a sigh of relief.

How much can we really relax now that the NBA Playoffs are starting up?

For many people, like myself, my bracket was busted after the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Now, the NBA Playoffs are in full swing and I should be able to breathe right?


Being a Philadelphia 76ers fan, I am very divided with the playoffs. There is a way that the Sixers can make it to the finals (and potentially win), but it will not be easy.

In the not-so-strong Eastern Conference, the 76ers lucked out with the 3-seed, which will help them in the long run.

If Philly can get through the first round against the Miami Heat, who have given them a run for their money in the regular season, they will face either the Milwaukee Bucks or the Boston Celtics.

The Sixers beat the Celtics only once this season in six matchups, but that shouldn’t affect them much in the playoffs with a Boston lineup that is now without Kyrie Irving. Now, if this matchup does happen, there’s no doubt that Ben Simmons and the city of Philly will be in the NBA Finals.

As for the Western Conference, that’s a totally different story. I think this will be the first time we will not see the Cavs or the Warriors in the finals, so I’m going against the grain with my pick here.

As much as I would hate to see it happen, I have a strong feeling that the Rockets are going to make it to the finals. They have been hot all year and have shown the insane depth they possess with the offseason addition of Chris Paul.

Both James Harden and Paul have control over the offense and contribute in very powerful ways.

If my finals matchup is correct, I don’t think the odds look too great for the Sixers.

The power at guard for the Rockets may be too much for Philly’s youth to handle, but their power in the paint might just be enough for them to pull it out and make the city rain with another championship.

I’m staying faithful to my city and going with the 76ers, and if they don’t win it doesn’t matter because we are a young and talented team with a bright future.

Ring the bell baby!

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